YouTube is turning into a classic social network

The video portal gets a new section for posts, photos and other content


The video portal YouTube will become a classic social network. From the company announced that they are launching a test version of a new section, called the Community.

In it the owners of video channels can publish articles, status updates, images, GIF animations and other content. It will be available for their subscribers. The aim of the YouTube Community is to provide more opportunities for content creators to communicate with their fans and build a lasting relationship. The company hopes that this will keep the popular video channels that are attracted from competitors like Facebook.

Until now, YouTube was testing the new service for several months with selected popular channels. Now it will gradually become available to more channels, but it will happen slowly over the next few months.

The company stated that the video will remain a top priority for YouTube. The additional content will be shared in section named Community in the users’ channels. The users will see the posts in their newsfeed, but they will be able to choose whether to receive updates for them or only for new videos.

This is a new attempt for YouTube to give more elements of social networking to the video portal. A few years ago they tried to integrate Google+, but consumers never accepted it. Eventually the video portal reduce the impact of Google+, and last year’s end entirely the integration.

This time the company does not want to hurry. From YouTube added that the function will be trial for quite some time and they will consider all of the received feedbacks- both from content creators and consumers.

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