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xbox one scorpio

So what is Xbox One Scorpio?  According to Microsoft, it is the upgrade that will beat the Playstation 4 Pro.  We keep going through various console battles that are reignited every few years.  This time, we go from 1080p resolution up to 4k Ultra HD.  Of course to take advantage of that you’ll need to make sure you have an Ultra HD TV.  Their website also claims that the console will have 8 CPU cores and 6 teraflops of power.  The non-tech savvy translation of that is, a whole bunch of power that should be able to produce some amazing graphics.

Of course one issue is that not much more is known about this latest upgrade.  It is due to come out at the end of 2017, so while some specs are locked in, there is plenty of time for the company to swap things around and change things completely before it comes out.

As far as when you can look at buying this upgrade it should be out for the holiday season in 2017.  While nothing more has been given so far, it is fairly safe to assume that should mean sometime in November of next year.

But as far as what this is…well, things get a bit tricky there.  Many places are referring to it as simply the next console generation.  However, Microsoft is looking to change the traditional console setup.  While they haven’t explained their thoughtfully they are looking to a future that doesn’t have traditional consoles.  They have made a number of comments about building a library of games and they are thinking of it as a family of devices.

What about the cost you are thinking?  How much with this box cost me?  Well again, no one has any good information.  Based on the amount of power they are packing in and looking back at launch prices many places are guessing of an initial price of about $600.  Though that number could easily change by the time that it comes out.

As far as your current X-Box one, it will still work as it does now.  Scorpio will play all Xbox One games, but based on what we are being told so far, it seems that the plan is to not have any games that you have to have Scorpio to play, they should continue to work on the basic Xbox one console.

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