Watch the “lost” episode of Friends, in which Chandler dies (Video)

The One Where Chandler Bing Dies

A megafen of Friends- the YouTube user Dogfood (Kieran Humphries) shared a mash up episode of the series, which is facing a frightening possibility – What would cope if Chandler Bing died?

The video begins as usual – our favorite friends sitting ot the orange sofa in Central Park the song I’ll Be There For You of The Rembrandts in the background. However, before the opening credits expire Chandler is hit by ice cream truck and dies…

Understandably, Monica is the most shocked by what happened. Soon she turned to alcohol and drugs and began a relationship with Joey. Ross is now the best friend of Joey.

Seeing from heaven what happens, Chandler decides to return to New York as a green spirit. This time, his jokes are ignored – not because they are worthless, but because he looks like a grown up Casper. Exhausted by his invisible presence, his friends decides to return him to the afterlife using the skills of Phoebe.

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