The Walking Dead Renewed for Eighth Season

the walking dead season 8


Good news for zombie fans of AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead.  Before season 7 even has a chance to launch into the new drama that will unfold with its premiere the channel has announced that it will be back for a season 8 as well.  Though it is no be surprise to see why.  The season 6 finale left 14.2 million viewers in a tizzy.  While this number is down about 10% from the year before it is still one of the network’s top shows.

You’ve been warned – #TWD premieres October 23.

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If you watch social media you will see it all over, and that can also lead to the question, how much do ratings truly matter at this point in time.  With so many people consuming their media in what the networks view an unconventional, either by recording it and watching it at their leisure or watching shows on a streaming service, neither or which count for ratings, how do you determine how many people watched a show?  While I’m not quite sure, but when you see it all over online and social media it seems that there is no doubt there are enough to keep the show going.

It seems a bit far out to even try to speculate what season 8 will bring or what characters will make it that far.  At the end of season 6 we saw Negan beating main character to death.  Though it was shot so we have no clue who it was, we’ll have to find out as season 7 starts up.  And then there will be the nail-biting of going through the season.  Who will make it safely through the walkers?  Who will safely navigate the humans?  But it also brings up the point…where does the story end?  Is there a set end point that will wrap up the story like we got with Breaking Bad or will this be open ending where we keep getting stories until there is no one left watching?

The season 7 premiere will air on Sundays 23 Oct at 9 p.m. ET .

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