Think Green: Toyota Setsuna – The Wooden Roadster

toyota setsuna featured

Technology in the automotive world is advancing every day more and more. While most of the brands offers more futuristic car designs as those we have watched in the movies 10 years ago, Toyota represented a more back to the future concept. Meet the Setsuna. This is an extraordinary hand-carved roadster. It is made of 86 wooden panels. Now, you thought of Fred’s foot mobile, but Setsuna is much more upgraded. By 2025, the Dutch politicians are making plans to forbid all polluting cars. Then will come the time of the wooden cars…maybe (or maybe not).

toyota wooden car

What the company says about this new concept is that it is made to be passed down from generation to generation. There is a clock into the dashboard to count its lifetime. Toyota are pretty sure the car will live at least 100 yeast.

toyota setsuna dashboard clock

This wooden open-top car is created to be a family antique, but you will not be allowed to drive it in public. It became a sensation at the Milan Design Week two months ago. Some describe it as “furniture”, but as it is only a concept car there is high possibility not make it to production.


The car is built using okuriari and kusabi – a Japanese method for joining parts together. This allows for panels to be fitted without nails. Of course, with the time passes, the car’s panels will change in color, but you can replace them with new. Setsuna will be electric-powered with a top speed of about 45kph (26mph).

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