The Top 10 Sci-Fi Shows of all Time

The Top 10 Sci-Fi Shows of all Time


We all have our favorite Sci-Fi shows.  Some of them may be critically acclaimed and gone on for years and years.  Others may have lasted only a few seasons, or perhaps just one, but have found a following and have had impact for years longer than they ran.  But what are the best of the best?  Which shows can truly be called the top 10 of all time?  I’ve made a list, and I made it knowing that fans will debate and want to re-order shows and want to add shows that were left off and knock off shows that I have on the list.  And believe me, once you sit down to write up a top 10 list like this you will easily come up with 20 shows that could be included. But here it is, a count down of the 10 best Sci-Fi shows of all time!

10) Quantum Leap

quantum leap

The lead character found what he thought was a way to travel time.  While he did travel time, he didn’t quite do so as himself.  This show presented us an interesting look at what would happen if you could go back and change the world.  Not in the grand killing Hitler kind of way, but having the chance to go back and change the world for a single person.

9) Futurama


Yes, a cartoon.  But how many other shows can have so much sci-fi, futuristic fun?  Take a 20th century delivery boy and throw him a thousand years in the future, the result is pure glee!  And as a sign of how much it is loved it got cancelled twice and managed to come back.

8) Fringe



A more modern tale then some of the others on our list.  But no less deserving.  It may not have seemed like more than a monster of the week show but it grew to embrace more of the fringe, showing us parallel universes and giving the audience more of the what in the world just happened moments than you could ever hope for.

7) Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica

I’m looking at the 2003 run.  While the 1978 run launched the idea, this updated series brought so much more to the table.  It gave us an amazing cast and really let you question, just what does it mean to be human?

6) The X-Files

The X-Files

You know you want to believe.  It was heavily influenced by a number of shows that came before it, but it left such a mark on shows that came after it you can’t just call it a monster of the week show.  The rich world that the show built gave audiences so much to re-watch and analyze.

5) The Prisoner

The Prisoner

Back in the 60’s TV might not be considered an art form, but there were some stand out shows such as the Prisoner that tried to get a little closer to that level.  While it is full of Cold War era thoughts and politics it is still as gripping and has some amazing views of what future technology could have been.

4) Twilight Zone

Twilight Zone

You’ve seen it, I don’t care if you never watched the show, you’ve seen the twilight zone stories.  Those amazing tales with the strange twist at the end.  They get you to look at everything around you slightly differently after watching a marathon.  And they have influenced so many other shows that it nearly doesn’t matter what you watch, most shows now a days have taken at least a bit from the Twilight Zone.

3) Firefly


It didn’t get a fair shake.  Turns out the when you keep switching when a show airs and then play the episodes out of order people have a hard time sticking with a show.  But since it came out to the fans in a form they can control (DVD) it found a large and vocal following.  So much so that what the network thought was a silly space western and cancelled halfway through the season got a Hollywood movie made to continue the adventure.

2) Doctor Who

Doctor Who

Sure, it took a break for a few years.  It has changed the way it was seen.  The main character has regenerated over a dozen times, featuring a new face each time.  But how can a show that has run for over 50 years at this point not climb high up the list.  Starting in black and white, it is now a tv show that has no problem filling movie theaters for special screenings, its stars go on world tour.  The Doctor is a worldwide sensation.

1) Star Trek: The Original Series

Star Trek: The Original Series

Many people may watch it now and think it is corny, others may find the graphics laughable.  But think back to when it came out, in the middle of the Cold War it placed a Russian character front and center.  It featured a diverse crew before it was something that people cared about.  It launched movies and multiple other shows.  This show also drove a generation to create many of the pieces of technology that we take for granted today.  The History Channel even did a show on how Star Trek changed the world.

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