Top 10 Dream Jobs You Won’t Believe Exist


We all want to have a job that doesn’t seem like a chore. People who look forward to their work and enjoy it are one of the luckiest people on the planet because a lot of people happen to be stuck in a dead-end job. From tasting chocolates to being a profession sleeper, we have enlisted 10 jobs that anyone would love to have.

1.    Professional sleeper

professional sleeping

For people who don’t like sacrificing their sleep for work would love the sound of getting a job as a professional sleeper. This is probably the only job in which you are allowed to work in your pajamas. Professional sleepers are hired by organizations to test beds and at times by researchers to study the sleeping patterns.

2.    Chocolate tasters

chocolate taster

Yes, you heard it right! There are people who get paid for tasting chocolates. Of course, the task of a chocolate taster isn’t just limited to munching on chocolates all day long. A professional chocolate taster is required to test the aroma, taste and texture of the chocolate which requires a lot of skills.

3.    Private island caretaker

Private island caretaker

What if you could get paid for living on a private island all by yourself? As it turns out, there are actually people who hire caretakers to look after their private island in their absence. By doing this job in addition to getting paid you will be able to enjoy the perfect weather on an island and swim to your heart’s content.

4.    Professional lounger

Much like the professional sleeper, professional lounger pretty much relaxes on pieces of furniture to check their durability and quality. So all you have to do to make money by being a professional lounger is to move from one couch to another.

5.    Mattress jumper

Mattress jumper

Still a kid at heart? We won’t be surprised if you consider working as a mattress jumper your dream job. It’s a mattress jumper’s job to compress the layers of cotton that go into making the perfect mattress.

6.    Fake profile creator

Having this job on this list maybe a dubious claim but if you are one of those people who want to make money from the convenience of their homes, then this might as well be your dream job.

7.    Drone photographer

Drone photographe

For a person who loves nothing more than capturing scenic views and then editing them into aesthetic videos, this job will be perfect.

8.    Waterslide tester

  Waterslide tester

A waterslide tester along with having an amazing time at his job needs to check the adrenaline factor and splash level of waterslides. Waterslide testers have also gotten to travel to different countries to test slides.

9.    Personal shopper

 Personal shopper

I can imagine how some people – especially the shopaholics – would kill to have this job. If you are always keeping track of what’s ‘in’ and you spend a lot of time reading fashion magazines then this is the ideal job for you.

10. Professional snuggler

Professional snuggler

As a professional snuggler all you have to do is to show up at your client’s doorstep and snuggle with him/her to get paid.






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