The Real Wolf of Wall Street‘s 1991 Ferrari Testarossa is for Sale

Belforts ferrari testatossa

Those who wish to walk in the shoes of The Wolf of Wall Street can do so by buying his white 1991 Ferrari Testarossa.

There is a small catch in the advertisement, because Belfort bought this Ferrari in New York in 1991. He didn’t drive it for so long. After Jordan, the car had several owners, but the odometer shows only 8300 miles (13,358 km). The current owner is able to prove the Belfort’s connection with the car. Warranty and servicing documents in which the name of the disputed financial expert appears in many places, are proving he drove the car once.

belforts testarossa

1991 Ferrari Testarossa has 12-cylinder, 4.9l petrol/ gasoline engine. These combined, provide a maximum torque of 491Nm at 5500 rpm and a maximum power of 428hp at 6750rpm. The 2-door coupe has RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) system, manual 5-speed gearbox and top speed of 285 km / h. The production of the model from 1991 to 1994 is 2,261 units.

jordans belforts ferrari

Right now the car is in Monaco at Monegasque Classics Sarl dealership. Unfortunately the price isn’t announced. It is offered only by request.

Jordan Belfort became famous worldwide after the “Warner Brothers” studio had bought the rights to his autobiography and created The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) movie, directed by Martin Scorsese. Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Belfort and is also a co-producer of the film.

The real Belfort is just as interesting as DiCaprio’s character. 1987-th is a time of boundless greed and decadent morality. Jordan Belfort is the founder of the infamous and well known investment company “Stratton Oukmant”. He is winning thousands of dollars per minute by day, and spending them even faster by night. The financial genius with blurred by drugs mind, manages to crash his own luxurious jet, to plunge his huge yacht, and could almost destroy his family. Reaching 35 he enters in prison, convinced of fraud and money laundering…