Stephen King: The Top 10 Pure Horror Novels


When it comes to horror, the name Steven King crops up again and again. Writer, screenwriter, actor and producer, he has brought horror back into fashion, and most people can usually name their favorite King novel or film.

Let’s take a look at ten of those novels of pure horror.

  1. CarrieCarrie book

This disturbing story tells tale of Carrie, who has the gift of telekinesis. She lives at home with her Mother, a religious extremist who holds a tight reign over Carrie, very rarely letting her out of the house other than to go to school. Frequently telling her daughter that she is wicked and impure, she often locks her in a small, dark cupboard with only a small ornamental figure of Jesus for company. When a prank is played on Carrie at the school prom, she finally lets loose with devastating consequences.


  1. The Shining.

the shining stephen king

The tale of writer Jack Torrance, a recovering alcoholic, who takes his wife (Wendy) and son (Danny) on a vacation to stay in a hotel called ‘The Overlook,’  hoping to combine the job of caretaking of the hotel with getting some writing work done. The hotel is haunted and Jack soon becomes friendly with a bartender who is a ghost, and serves him whisky. Jack becomes increasingly withdrawn from his family and starts to fly into terrible rages, while Danny has terrible nightmares. The story culminates in a terrifying chase as Jack pursues his wife and son.


  1. Misery.

misery  stephen king

Deranged fan Annie Wilks kidnaps her favourite author Paul Sheldon, and holds him prisoner in her home until he writes a book which brings her favourite character back to life, continually telling him that she is his number one fan.


  1. Needful Thingsneedful things book

Demon Leland Gaunt opens a shop in which you can literally buy anything which your heart truly (apparently) desires, but a strange set of horrific happenings begin to take place in the town of Maine, which literally leaves it and it’s inhabitants in tatters.




5. It

stephen king It book

A group of children who call themselves ‘The Losers’ are terrorised by a mealevolent force which thrives on fear and takes the form of a of a child-murdering clown named “Pennywise”. Thirty years later the group re-unite as the evil demon is back, and he still knows all of their weak points.


  1. Pet Sematary

stephen king pet sematary

When a small child dies in a car accident, his heartbroken parents decide to bury him in a pet semetary which is known to have supernatural powers. The child does come back to life, but not in the way that they had hoped.


7.Salem’s Lotsalem's lot


A new take on vampirism. A writer and his friends battle against vampire, Kurt Barlow, who has moved into their town and is creating a whole bunch of new vampires out of it’s citizens.


  1. Revival.

stephen king revival

A church minister uses some very unorthodox ways of curing people who are sick. When his family are killed in a car accident, he  publicly rejects God he is chased out of town. Many years later he returns so that he can bring a woman back from the dead in order to learn more about life after death, with terrifying outcomes.


  1. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordonstephen king The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

A young girl finds herself lost in some very weird woods, with only a backpack full of basics and a love of her football idol, Tom Gordon. A kind of supernatural fairytale.



  1. Cujo

cujo book

A family’s pet dog who loves chasing rabbits gets bitten by a bat which has rabies, turning him into a bloodthirsty killer.

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  1. I love Stephen King! He is the best! One of my favorite is ” The Running man” , it is not in the list, but I had to mention it