Star Trek: Discovery: Everything we know about the New TV series

Star Trek: Discovery: Everything we know about the New TV series

Back in 1966 CBS launched a show that broke a lot of ground.  It was a simple science fiction show, you might have heard of it, it was called Star Trek.  While that show only lasted for 3 seasons it has sent ripples that have spawned other shows and movies, even now 50 years later.  Since Star Trek Enterprise went off the air in 2005 Star Trek has only lived on the big screen.  But next year it will be returning to television, well sort of.  The pilot episode of the new series, called Star Trek: Discovery, is currently slated to run on CBS in May 2017, having been pushed back from its original air date in January.

What will we see on the show?

As a little back ground on the show in universe, this show is set in the prime universe.  That is the one in which everything but the last 3 movies have been set in.  Those three newer movies are set in the Kelvin Universe.  So don’t be expecting to see the big screen crew showing up in these episodes.  Also this show is set about 10 years before Capt. Kirk took the NCC-1701 out on its famous five year mission, and is supposed to be focused on an event that has been mentioned in previous shows, but not explored.

While we don’t know much about the crew of NCC-1031, the Discovery, we know that the show’s lead will be a female character, but not the captain.  In all previous shows we have seen the workings of the ship and Star Fleet from that captain’s chair, but in this show we will get the chance to see things through a Lieutenant Commander’s perspective, but she will be referred to as the Captain’s Number One.  We also know that the crew of the Discovery will be diverse, featuring robots and aliens in addition to the human crew members.

Outside the show details

One word of note, this show will be a bit more graphic, featuring a bit more sex and some swearing than other Star Trek shows.  The creators have promised not to do anything to over the top, but they are taking advantage of being a streaming show and having some looser guidelines to follow.  And on that note most of the world will be able to watch this show within 24 hours of its US debut on Netflix.  However if you are in the USA or Canada you will be able to watch it by paying for CBS’s new streaming service.

The first season will be 13 episodes long and will be serialized to tell one complete story, with each episode being its own chapter.  There have been rumors that each season will bring a different time in Star Fleet history with a new cast to go on a new adventure, but some sites are saying that won’t be the case.  The crew of the show said that they would not go with many more episodes a season, though they might go with fewer.  While it would be less overall show to watch, having the ability to pick the number of episodes to tell the story of the season means no filler episodes to simply meet the expectation of the network.  Another perk of going to a streaming show is that if it makes sense for one episode to be an hour and 3 minutes long and the next to be 57 minutes the freedom to do it exists.

There is no need to be worried that CBS is just tossing up a new show to cash in on Star Trek.  Reports are that each episode is getting a budget of $6-$7 million dollars.  That kind of money puts it in the same ballpark as Game of Thrones.  This should mean that we aren’t going to be getting cut rate special effects, but should be getting to watch a visually stunning show.

Crew Shake Ups

One note is the Bryan Fuller had stepped down from his position as the show runner and led spokesperson for the new show.  This came after the delay in production pushed the show back and would have caused it to conflict with other projects that Fuller was working on.  Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harbets will be taking over the show runner positions.  They had been executive producers on the show so it wasn’t handed over to someone new to the project.  Additionally Fuller will stay on with the project as an executive producer and an advisor.

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