Scientists discover how dogs understand human speech

dogs and scienc

After a magnetic resonance imaging with 13 dogs in Budapest, researchers from Eötvös Loránd University found that the man’s best friend truly understands the meaning of our words.

The chief researcher of the team Dr. Attila Andiks said: “We humans like to talk to the dogs all the time. Praise them, we call them. But little is known about what dogs understand and how they interpret our words. Do they only understand the tone of our words or they learn their very matter? “.

Researchers found that just like humans, dogs not only recognize the sound but the words and then consider whether the tone is positive or negative. At the phrases “good work” and “good boy” with a positive tone, the researchers observed how the two hemispheres of the brain light up during the magnetic resonance tomography.

When they pronounce the same words, but with a negative tone, dogs do not react. “This shows that dogs not only differ what we say and how we say it but can successfully combine both for a correct interpretation of the words,” said Andiks.

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