Russia is About to Colonize the Moon – Will Yield Minerals

colonize the moon

“Roscosmos” wants to build a base and then a site on the Earth’s satellite. The goal is mining. The idea is from the 60s and 70s.

The main scientific organization of “Roscosmos” is developing a project to establish a base on the moon, which will be able to gather 12 people.

There is no hard deadline for implementation of the ambitious project – but this is expected to happen by mid-century and the goal is the extraction of minerals.

The plans for the initial stages of developing a lunar base include no more of 4 people. Stage by stage, they can reach 10-12.



At 4 crew and duration of the expedition 30 days, minimum habitable volume in this base is 20 m3. A place for the construction of such a lunar colony is not yet selected. Most posts tend to the near South Pole of the Moon.

To be considered as successful, the infrastructure facility should be located on the lunar surface. Beneath the surface can be created radiation protection shelters to have power units and other equipment.

Yet the project is only on sketches that have no plans for implementing the test models. Developed computer 3-D-models.

The idea to build a lunar base, and a lunar site near the South Pole of the Moon is proposed within the Concept of the Russian Lunar Program project. The aim is until the mid-century a habitable lunar base and ground to be built on the moon with the possibility of mining.