Robots will become as many as people by 2040


Maybe this sounds to you like science fiction, but actually the chances to be true are quite big. The idea that intelligent machines will control the future might seems tricky. More like the plot of a new movie than a real threat. Famous and renowned scientists are sharing their thoughts on what are the chances such thing to happen. Their predictions and concerns show not if, but when the robots will become as much as the people.


Logan Streondj is famous writer and programmer. He has calculated the exact year, when the artificial intelligence will become more than the human population on earth. To do this, he had to get birth rate and death rate of the mankind. After the calculations, he had to compare them with the number of robots that are built and destroyed every year.

Homo sapiens lives on average 70 years (source: World Fact Book), robots have an average one of around 10 years. “To surpass men in number, there must be produced at least seven times more robots per year”, wrote Streondj. According to the International Federation of Robotics, there are produced 5 million robots in 2014. With a growth rate of 13%, means that in around 25 years, the number of humans and produced robots will be the same.

robot vs human

If Logan’s calculations are correct, there will be more robots than people by 2040. However, the writer’s predictions do not stop there. In his book, he also calculated when intelligent machines are likely to start a conflict with mankind. Of course, assumed if the relative intelligence of robots increases.

“It is logical to think that this would happen when robots are as many or more than our number. Then, they will probably be smart enough to start demanding for personal space”, says Streondj.

artificial intelligence and human

“If such a conflict occurs, it will be between 2040 and 2055”, concludes the writer.

Stephen Hawking is renowned scientist and a great man. He told the BBC in 2014, that AI (artificial intelligence) is very possible to bring the end of the mankind.

Our Nerdy Team loves robots, but we hope that the I Robot plot will not become true.