The Punisher Netflix Series Officially In Production

The Punisher Netflix Series Officially In Production


For fans of The Punisher ,2018 is looking to be a great year, as the Netflix 3 series is due for release and will focus directly on him. Making his debut television series appearance in The Daredevil Series 2, Jon Bernthal, who made the role of The Punisher his own, will again star in the role and has reported that this new series will see The Punisher develop into his fully fledged character, with many more dimensions coming into play. His performance has already been credited with being the best portrayal of this character ever, having previously been played by Dolph Lundgren, Thomas Jane and Ray Stevenson, and won rave reviews from fans, who were left thirsty for more, and pretty much demanded that The Punisher get his own series. Head of Marvel TV Jeph Loeb has confirmed the fan’s enthusiasm for Bernthal’s performance, and Bernthal himself has stated that The Punisher has already become a big part of him, having totally become immersed in the role, and he is also intrigued as to how his character is now going to go forward.

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We already know that the Marvel superhero character Frank Castle (real name Francis Castiglione) had started to evolve into troubled outlaw The Punisher after the murder of his wife and children by the mob, due to the fact that they hadĀ  witnessed a murder, making his debut in 1974 in The Amazing Spider-Man comic, being first created by Gerry Conway, and then named by none other than the legend that is Stan LeeĀ  He first exacted revenge on their killers, and since then has decided to dedicate himself to removing as many villains from the streets as possible. He is an ex-marine who has no problem in using whatever violent methods he needs to dispose of New York’s baddies, which has led to run-ins between himself and Daredevil as their methods of keeping the streets clean are very different, Daredevil tending to be less brutal than the Punisher. Coupled with this brutality however, is an emotional turmoil which is forever in conflict, questioning right from wrong, making him almost a kind of anti-hero.


At a Marvel Comic Con panel, it was revealed that filming has already started in New York, and also that Deborah Ann Woll will revive her role as Karen Page, who co-starred with Bernthal in the Daredevil series.

Other confirmed appearances so far are Ben Barnes, originally intended on being cast as Bobby Saint, he will now take the role of the vital comic book character Billy Russo, also known as The Jigsaw due to an accident with some very sharp glass! Russo has a chequered history with Castle, at one time being a very close friend of his, but there are shady links between him and the murder of Castle’s family, and he is now considered as an enemy. Next on the confirmed list is Ebon Moss-Bachrach, who is set to play the character Micro, an ex NSA analyst who will not only be able to supply The Punisher with important top secret information, but also ensure that he has the very latest in weapon gadgetry and vehicles. Micro has also always provided The Punisher with friendship.

The final confirmed role is that of Dinah Madani, which will go to Amber Rose Revah. A powerful and very capable Home Security agent, Madani initially sets out to investigate The Punisher and gather as much damning evidence on him as she can, having become troubled regarding his level of violence, however rumour has it that she may well develop a grudging appreciation for him.

This new series will be the first one made since Netflix and Marvel combined their forces, and it is understood that British writer and producer Steve Lightfoot will possibly be involved as a show runner, as well as writing the first two episodes. Lightfoot himself is excited at the prospect of developing The Punisher’s character, having also been impressed by Bernthal’s performance in The Daredevil. There are even whispers that this eagerly awaited series could possibly make it to our television screens by late 2017, which is even more reason to stay tuned!

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