Polaris Slingshot – a Car or a Motorbike

slingshot front

A car that thinks it is a motorbike or a motorbike, which considers itself as a car? Polaris Slingshot is a result of the turbulent love affair between a motorcycle and a sports car.

This vehicle seems to be intended for someone with a secret identity and superpowers. Traits: narrow snout and strong export side bare tires, hidden under huge wings, a great spoiler, and red-and-black color scheme. It looks like creature coming directly from the set of the latest Marvel’s blockbuster.


Slingshot SL offers a weight of 790 kg, which would make Lotus Elise blush. It is hard to deny the fact that this tricycle offers incredible fun behind the wheel.

Forget about comfort. Miniature 4.3-inch screen on the dashboard is the only electronic gadget that will see the dual cockpit. There is an audio system, you will want to extinguish the moment that drop.

For the stable behavior and exclusive bond with the way take care specially tuned sports suspension and damper with removable shoulder back. Front wheels are 18” and the huge rear has a size of 20”, as the specially developed tires in size 225/45R18 front and 255/35R20 rear.

slingshot driving

The drive is provided by a 2.4-liter gasoline engine of GM, from which it would be better to be out more than 173 HP at 6400 revs/min. The maximum 225 Nm comes at 4,700 rpm.

Acceleration is impressive, but as if expecting more than “car” under 800 kg. And it should be because of power ratio – weight is 4.5 HP per kilogram! This is more than Alfa Romeo 4C, however, Slingshot accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in about six seconds. The maximum speed is just over 200 km/h if you dare to raise it.


When the real power unfolds?

slingshot rare

The engine really comes alive over 4,000 rpm, which is more than fun. The five-speed transmission is very precise. The wide stance (just under 2 meters) holds the front and with one wheel at the back could not be a Lotus Elise.

The number of horsepowers has always captured the imagination and attention, but not always a guarantee of uniqueness. In Slingshot it is guaranteed by the very low weight and super direct control. And by design, of course, as soon not see live.

This pleasure has its price and in this case, it is € 29,990.


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