Nokia Branded Android Smartphones for sale in 2017

Nokia Android Phone

Once upon a time, Nokia was really good at making cell phones. And people loved their Nokias. They were thoughtfully designed as quality products, not to mention their out of space-level of toughness.

But times changed. Nokia was struggling to deliver a solid alternative for the iPhone and Android. Eventually, Microsoft acquired what was left of Nokia’s business. They sold the Lumia model, but it didn’t do too well in the race against Apple and Samsung. Since then, Nokia’s name has practically disappeared from the mobile landscape, but it has not been forgotten.

And now… the legend continues

It is not a rumor anymore – new Nokia phones will be announced in June next year. It is not about featuring a waterproof keypad and a flashlight. These will be Nokia-branded smartphones of a new generation. More on that in a bit.

However, it is worth pointing out that this new crop of Nokias isn’t coming from the same company that brought us PureView, the N-series, and the iconic Nokia 3310. The Nokia brand is now in the hands of HMD Global, which is formed by former Nokia executives and employees. The company will be in charge of developing Nokia phones and tablets for the next 10 years. The manufacturing will be handled by the Taiwanese Foxconn – the same company that Apple hires to make iPhones.

HMD Global confirmed in a recent press release that their new phones will run Android. Also in the statement we see that the word “phones” is heavily used, which leads us to believe that several Nokia handsets are to be announced next year. Although all information falls into the category of rumors, there is nothing wrong with sharing it anyway.

There is one name floating around and it is Nokia D1C. It could be a codename for the whole smartphone project or for a particular prototype that’s in HMD’s labs. In any case, it can be considered as catchy for sure. According to the latest leaks, the phone will come in two variants. The base variant with 2GB RAM will cost around $150. On the hardware front, we’ve heard leaks pointing towards packing a Snapdragon 820 and Carl Zeiss-branded camera.

The big question is what these phones might look like. The short answer is that no one knows yet. Whatever Nokia has in store for us, it will be another couple of months before we get to see it.

We’re genuinely excited to witness the return of the legendary brand name.

HMD Global will be presented at the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on 27 February – 2 March 2017 where we will get to experience the new Nokia first-hand.