Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has had a rough time for a while.  Back in the 1980’s they had a monopoly on the home video game market.  Other companies would eventually come up and take some market share, until one day Nintendo was no longer the king.  However they still make beloved games and are still coming out with new systems. Most recently they have brought out the Wii U for home based gaming and the Nintendo 3Ds for portable gaming.  The Wii U did sport a tablet that would allow you to do some gaming off the TV, but the processing was still on the main console.  The problem was you still had two different consoles that you had to get games for.  With today’s population wanting to be less tied to a TV things needed to change.

Nintendo has indeed offered us a switch.  Their new console, which should be coming out in 2017, is something of a hybrid.  It is a home console, meant to be connected to your TV, but it has a twist.  Like the Wii U it has a tablet to go with it, but now the processing power is in that tablet.  The company says this will allow you to take your game you had been playing on your TV with you when you head out.  It melds both your portable console and your home console into one device. One of the many upsides to this is that you will now only need to purchase a single copy of a game to enjoy on both.

But those games can be Nintendo’s help or their enemy.  Some gamers complain that the only offerings on Nintendo platforms are Nintendo games.  This can be a great draw for a fan of some of Nintendo’s beloved characters like Mario and Link.  However if a family is looking to buy a console for their home only having Nintendo based games could cause them to look at a different console.

Nintendo switch

For the last two rounds of consoles many “hard core” gamers have complained that Nintendo’s offering paled in respect to amount of power.  Those gamers looking for ultra-HD graphics went elsewhere to find what they were after.  Some rumors have come out that put this latest Nintendo console on the low end of power compared to other current generation consoles.  But that also raises an important question.

Who is Nintendo’s competition with the Switch?  If they are trying to take on the other home consoles they might not be bringing enough muscle to the party.  But Nintendo has a habit of doing its own thing, and sometimes that works big.  When the Wii game out many people laughed at the thought of motion controls, then the Wii got popular and everyone rushed to put out a motion control system.  With more and more people playing games on smart phones and tablets, perhaps Nintendo is looking to take on that market, which means the rumored RAM levels of the device would be plenty of power.

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