A New Type of Drone from Parrot


One of the companies with the largest assortment of small air crafts – Parrot, presented a drone called Disco. Unlike the vertical takeoff drones, this is the type of horizontal departing and could be in the air for a flight of 45 minutes. Its weight is only 725 grams, and its maximum speed is about 80 km / h.

Disco drones provide management with FPV (first-person-view) headset system of direct video link from a 14 fullHD megapixel camera, and the combination of VR glasses Cockpitglasses. Management is Skycontroller 2 and allows to control the drone at a distance of up to 2 km.

Above the controls is a holder for your smartphone (iOS or Android) so you can use Parrot’s FreeFlight Pro app for a live view with telemetry. The app allows you to set altitude and distance and speed limits and your wireless and photo/video settings. The drone also captures photos and video to 32GB of internal storage.

Disco will go on sale next month at a price of $ 1299.


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