We May Need a New Planet by 2030

Earth Overshoot Day

People often take for granted the most important things in their lives. Unfortunately, we do not value enough the paradise place called Earth, that keep us alive. We pollute it, burn it, cut it, kill species without any control, waste the water, contaminate the air… the list is endless.

We have gone so far, that, we have used 100% of the resources that the Earth produces in one year. And you realize it is only August, right?

Since the beginning of this year, people have used 100% of the renewable resources that Earth can reproduce yearly, reported by the World Wildlife Fund at the Erath Overshoot Day (EOD). “This day occurs when the resources used by humans (their ecological footprint) exceeds the volume that Earth is able to recover for one year. Overspending occurs because people dump into the atmosphere more carbon dioxide than it can be absorbed by the oceans and forests, fish more than they need and cut the forests faster than they can be recovered” -explained a Global Fund speaker.

The Earth Overshoot Day is calculated each year from the research organization Global Network for Environmental Trace. If everything continues with the same speed, by 2030 humanity will need two Earth-like planets. After fifteen years (if not earlier), the day of ecological debt will occur at the end of June.

“The rate of resources consumption increases from year to year and this brings the ecological debt day ever earlier. In the beginning of 2000, this day was in late October. The very era of “overspending” started in 1970 in connection with the rapid economic and demographic growth, “noted environmentalists.

The numbers speak for themselves, and it is a scary story if we do not take action and save our Only planet.


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