Man Listed His Wife for Sale on Ebay


Hello, little Nerds! How often you happen to be mad or irritated by your spouse? What are you doing in those kinds of situations? Some people stop talking to each other, other are breaking the furniture and third… they just bid their spouse on Ebay.

Meet O Kale from Yorkshire. He describes his wife in his listing as “in good shape and has skills in the kitchen.” He published a photograph of his wife Leandra, along with details about why he wanted to sell her.

The price of Leandra during the auction on Internet has reached 65,880 pounds within two days.

“One day I was just very tired and my wife tried nurtured me, but at some point, she just began complaining. Then I decided I would just let her go on sale, “said Oh Kale.

His wife was not happy at all when she found out about what happened. She literary gone crazy.

“It bugged me out – I wanted to kill him. All my colleagues at work saw it. Not only letting me go on sale, but also he put the worst possible picture of me. He constantly complains. Sometimes he annoys me. If they were not downloaded the ad, who knows how much would I have cost so far, “said Leandra.