Lenovo attacked Apple and Samsung in a new ad (video)

lenovo moto z

Undoubtedly, it is extremely difficult to fight with the smartphone producers Samsung and Apple, but Lenovo has a new plan of attack – advertising in newspaper and YouTube video. The Chinese company launched an advertising campaign entitled “Skip the Sevens”. Its aim is to encourage people to buy Moto Z instead of iPhone 7, Galaxy S7 or Galaxy Note 7.

The ad was posted on a full page in the newspaper The New York Times and is supposed to appear on more paper and online journals.

From Lenovo said that their main competitors are forcing people to “wait years for the next big thing.” Customers deserve “something new, something different,” which is one way to praise their new mobile device Moto Z.

The main functions of the smartphone, to which Lenovo pays special attention in the advertising campaign are Moto Mods. These mods are cases that provide added features such as a better camera or speakers when the Moto Z is connected to them.

In the YouTube advertising, loyal fans of Apple have presented Moto Z with its accessories. But they think that this is an iPhone’s prototype . Lenovo’s spokesman categorically stated that the participants in the video advertising have no idea that this is Moto Z and their reactions are real. “They are not actors.”- he said.

And this is the YouTube video:


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