Konami built the ultimate prosthetic arm for a gamer

Konami Developing a Metal Gear Solid-Inspired Prosthetic Arm

We all know Konami as the source of the famous code, but what about as a high-tech prosthetics company?  Well, Konami teamed up with a company called Open Bionics as part of their Phantom Limb Project.  The video game company has been working to try to get a prosthetic approved for use in Great Britain to help amputees.  But when you see it you get the idea that it is more out of a video game than a medical lab.  And at 10 pounds it is heavier than most modern options.

What you have to keep in mind are the extra features.  While it attaches to the skin and detects nerve impulses which allow the wearer to manipulate objects similarly as others do with their hands, this one has some upgrades.  It features a flashlight, laser light, and a built-in watch.  Since we are in a digital age there is a USB port on the wrist to give the ability to charge a smartphone.  But since this is based on Metal Gear Solid the company couldn’t just stop there.  They added a fully functional drone to the arm.

Konami built the ultimate prosthetic arm for a gamer

The young man that this was crafted for was an avid gamer, however, due to a terrible railway accident in London.  When Konami heard about it, they started work on this limb.  James Young has been quoted as saying “I didn’t want to look like the Terminator because my job involves talking to doctors about the drugs they use, I didn’t want to look as if I’m going to kill someone”.

The arm, based on the main character of Metal Gear Solid V:  The Phantom Pain, seems to be working well for Mr. Young.  Despite the weight, it doesn’t seem to hinder him in any way.  Currently, it is held on via its harness, but in the future, it may be attached to titanium implants.  Though at this time it comes off to sleep and shower.


This particular arm shows what can be done with 3D printing after months of design.  While losing one’s arm and being in a coma that doctors doubt you will wake from isn’t something we wish for anyone to go through, ending up with a sweet arm like that and a quad-copter drone that you can fly whenever you want might take the sting off just a bit.  No word on if the Konami code unlocks any special settings.

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