A Japanese Scientist Says Eating Ice Cream for Breakfast Makes You Smarter

Japanese Scientist Says Eating Ice Cream for Breakfast Makes You Smarter

Now you have a great excuse for eating ice cream for breakfast; it makes you smarter. Or at least that is what Japanese scientist Yoshihiko Koga is saying.

Yoshihiko Koga is a specialist in psychophysiology (a branch of psychology that studies the interaction between the body and the mind). His studies include looking into links between certain types of food and reduced stress, and the connection between different foods and their impact on the ageing process.

He is also a professor at Kyorin University in Tokyo and has just conducted an experiment where subjects were asked to eat three spoonfuls of ice cream first thing in the morning and then complete a number of mental exercises. What he had found is that by eating ice cream in the morning for breakfast improves a person’s alertness and mental performance. While completing the exercises, the subjects who had eaten the ice cream had faster reaction times and were better with processing information than those people who had not eaten breakfast.

He also measured those test subjects who had eaten ice cream brain waves and what he found was they had an increase in alpha waves which are associated with concentration, relaxation, and mental coordination.

To make sure that it wasn’t just the shock of the cold that was jump starting his test subjects, he also conducted the experiment with cold water. He found that cold water did show a level of increased mental performance and alertness, but was not as pronounced as the ice cream.

He has yet to determine a firm connection between a certain ingredient and the mental boost that is delivered by the ice cream. Some say that the only explanation there is, is that ice cream is a yummy treat that triggers positive emotions and gives that added energy.

Katie Barfoot a Nutritional Psychology Doctoral Researcher at Reading University is very skeptic about Professor Koga’s findings. She claims, “A possible explanation [for increased alertness]… is the simple presence of consuming breakfast vs. not consuming breakfast. Our brain needs glucose to function, and a high glucose meal will aid mental capacity considerably compared to a fasted brain.”

This is not the first time scientists have studied and suggested that dessert type foods may be beneficial in the mornings. In 2012 there was a study that found eating chocolate cake for breakfast can help you lose weight. Where are those sweets at?!

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