Japanese Artist Creates Food Using LEGO

lego food tary japanese

We’ve long known that with LEGO we can create whole universes. We’ve seen all kind of masterpieces devoted to large sections of the contemporary pop culture or inspired by almost anything from the everyday life.

A Japanese artist with the nickname nobu_tary takes something exactly from the real life and decides to turn it into his art project. He created works recreating food and actually thanks to them he is gaining a large number of followers on Twitter and Flickr.

lego food tary japanese

It turns out that his other passion is making of Gundam robots and characters from Star Wars. However, they did not bring him the popularity that a few pizzas from constructor succeed.

banana made of lego

lego food

ice cream made from lego

My favorite is of course the Lego pizza!

lego food pizza

“I tell people just build, build, build,” master builder Paul Chrzan told priceonomics. “Just keep playing with the bricks. Don’t build the house and the spaceship. Build your family pet. Build a family portrait. Go beyond what people usually do with the bricks. Because that’s what we do.”

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