iOS 10: 10 improvements you need to know about

Apple launched the update to iOS 10 in the morning hours on Tuesday, September 13.

iOS 10 from Apple

Here are the most interesting things you will get if, of course, you decide to install iOS 10 on a compatible iOS device:

iMessage: Write messages in your own handwriting and send it to friends using iMessage. They will see an animated message – as if you write with ink on paper. You can change the messages’ bubbles.

Say “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations” with full screen animations. Send a secret message or image and then drag up to check them.

With the Tapback you will be able to send a quick reply to messages with just one touch. Send fireball, pulsating heart, a cartoon or something else. You can even draw on videos.

There are new stickers available. Place them in a message, on a photo and even on another sticker. You’ll find them in the new App Store for iMessage. Replace words with emojis with a single touch.

Easily open your favorite applications to create and share content, make payments and more – without ever leaving iMessages.

Now you can enter multilingual text. You can write in two languages simultaneously – without switching keyboards.

Maps: Book a table through applications like OpenTable or a travel – right from Maps. You can create shortcuts for all directions. Maps will suggest where you travel to and offer the quickest route. Search along your route. See what’s around and quickly find the nearest gas stations, restaurants or cafes.

Apple Music is redesigned: The simple and intuitive design will help you enjoy more your favorite songs. And now you can even see their lyrics.

Home: My home is my smart castle. The new Home application switch lights, unlocks doors and even raises the blinds. It can even do all that at the same time if you want.

Use 3D Touch in applications such as Calendar, Weather and Stocks for a quick overview of the most important.

iOS 10 comes with a feature that allows you to wake your iPhone with a simple lift of the hand. Notices will await you on the screen.  iOS 10 will let you type faster and easier than ever. Once you type something like ” I’m available at” , you will immediately see the available hours on your calendar. iOS 10 comes with improved notifications – View photos and videos or respond to messages directly from notifications.

Photos: Apple has added some smart features for photo processing. Now you can more easily find what you want in Photos, whether it’s a date, or place or person. Try typing “sunset” or “beach” to find the photos you need. Moreover, in Photos you can rediscover cherished memories, such as the weekend trip or the first birthday of your child – and even turn them into beautiful videos. Find your favorite moments in a second!

Siri: Apple made Siri available in applications of external developers. Some applications like LinkedIn, Slack and Lyft work with Siri. In the near future we expect more applications that will benefit from the Apple’s voice assistant.

Your information is protected and secure: privacy is always in the first place for Apple. So iOS 10 uses built into the device intellect to detect people, objects and scenes in Photos, and to activate QuickType. And when you share confidential data with Apple services like Siri and Maps, they are always encrypted and never used for creation of user profiles.

iOS 10 SDK includes new API and services that make possible new categories of applications and functions. Now applications can extend to Messages, Siri and Maps, wrote Hicomm.

Last but not least Apple will finally allow you to get rid of pre-built applications of the company or at least most of them. Your Voice messages can now be transcribed. Copy the text and place it among your Apple devices (where your sign with the same iCloud). Vary the intensity of the light from the flashlight. End easier your email subscriptions. Start faster the camera from a locked screen.

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