The Great Wall 2016 – A Teaser Look



“The Great Wall’” is an American Chinese movie, Starring the American Super Star Matt Damon, Directed by the famous Chinese Director Yimou Zhang, and expected to be released on 16 December 2016 in China`s theaters, and on 17/24 February in the USA and UK theaters.

Universal Pictures and Legendary companies announced that “The Great Wall” movie is the biggest production in the history of Chinese Cinema, with a nearly 160$ million dollars budget.

This film is not the first American Chinese movie`s production. The movie “Flowers of War” starring Christian Bale and directed also by Yimou Zhang was released in 2011. It was received critically good, although it was not much of success on the Box Office revenue side.

  • Story:

“One of mankind’s greatest wonders. 1700 years to build. 5500 miles long. What were they trying to keep out?”

This was quoted during the Official Trailer, the movie is an Epic fantasy based on a real historical element – the Great Wall of China – about an army who stands for humanity to fight a dark enemy, from the first look at the trailer and the cast you will notice a western presence in the story, not only limited to Matt Demon, but also there are other actors like William Defoe and Pedro Pascal.

  • A Chinese Cinematography Picture:

Chinese movies have their own marks, and are fun to watch!

Chinese Cinema is a pioneer in Martial Arts and known for its superb visual effects. We enjoy watching many great movies like “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – 2000” and “Hero – 2002”.

Director Yimou Zhang is a lead director in China, he directed the opening ceremony of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, and also he directed exceptional epic historical movies like “Hero – 2002” and “House of Flying Daggers – 2004”.

He is known for his good mixture between philosophy concepts, fantasy, and history elements.

  • Matt Damon in a Chinese movie!

We all know Matt Damon and his exceptional filmography, his adventurous style in acting, and his picking of unusual roles.

Matt Damon is one of Hollywood’s favorite sons, his performances lead him to many successful movies, he has a thriller espionage franchise “Jason Bourne” series, and this is his first role as an Epic fantasy character, what we know for sure that Matt Damon chooses his roles carefully as an actor, and this movie is a chance to see a new performance by this exceptional actor.

  • There will be Monsters!


No information is currently available on the enemy they will fight within the movie, all we know that it is not a human if you take a closer look at the trailer you will find signs of monsters appeared on the trailer.

The above picture:

On the left sector you can see a blurring image of a big creature gripping a soldier in front of the wall, and on the other side, you can see Matt Damon lying on the ground and a flaming foot / hand of a monster in front of him, can this kind of monsters be referred to as DRAGONS?

So if you are into this kind of creatures` movies, then you ought to reserve your movie`s ticket earlier.

  • A Well-chosen Cast:

a well chosen cast

The movie makers chose good performance actors for the movie, some of them has previously worked with Yimou Zhang. There are also some rising talents who are expected to make a lot of great roles in the next years.

Chinese Cast:

Included the famous Chinese actor Andy Lau “the House of Flying Dagger – 2004”, “Internal Affairs – 2002” – the original idea of “The Departed – 2006”, and the young actress Tian Jing “Police Story: Lockdown – 2013”.

American Cast:

On the western side we will see: Willem Dafoe the famous Drama actor known for “Spiderman – 2002” and “Platoon – 1986”, along with Pedro Pascal the American TV star; “Game of Thrones” and “Narcos”.

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