Google and Salesforce bid for Twitter

twitter is for sale

One of the most promising social networks years ago – Twitter – is for sell, said several US IT media. Among the bidders for the microblog service have been pointed names of some of the largest technology companies in the world, including Google, the company for web-based business solutions Salesforce, and the telecom operator Verizon.

We remind that Verizon already included in their portfolio formerly known online groups AOL, and Yahoo! with a variety of assets, also the promising web media,,, as well as web services such as Tumblr and Flickr. If Verizon acquire Twitter, can strengthen their  image of a”foster home” for losing popularity online companies.

According to The Verge and other publications, however, much more likely is Google to be the new owner of the microblog service. There are even speculation on the price – 50 billion dollars. For now,  none of the mentioned companies  has confirmed the information.

In recent years, Google continues to lose positions in the segment of social networks, where its Google+ is not able to cope with the absolute hegemon Facebook. Therefore it would not be surprising if after the acquisition on LinkedIn from Microsoft, from Google switch to another valuable asset in this sector.

In addition, the prospective buyer would have received the service for online video streaming Periscope, created by Twitter, which may be inferior to the Facebook Live, but remains one of the most promising tools in this “hot” web industry. Last but not least Twitter recently increased the number of allowed symbols postings on the site, which expanded the possibilities for operation with it.

Another valuable asset of Twitter is its package of development tools, analytics and monetization of mobile applications Fabric, which is used by applications with more than 2 billion installations, including Spotify, Tinder, eBay and Pandora. In addition, Twitter has a very high quality customer base that is highly appreciated by hundreds of brands and with Twitter’s strong position in the advertising sector Google can easily take advantage of it.

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