Google Pays People to Sit in their Self-Driving Cars

google Self-Driving Car

The online corporation Alphabet, which is better known by its former name – Google, is offering 20 US dollars per hour for participation in the test – drive of their self-driving cars. The curious thing is that the participants will not drive because the cars will drive all by themselves and the passenger only will be enjoying the ride.

In this way, the company hopes to be able to make more tests and gain more data about the behavior of the self-driving cars on the road. For many people this is a unique opportunity because they will not only receive payment, but they also will be able to boast that they have tried the famous cars of the future.

The position requires a stay in the car for between six and eight hours a day, five days a week. In addition, the car operators will have to monitor software systems in the car and will be constantly engaged in the self-driving car That means that they will not be able to do anything else during that time. For now the job is only available in some US states and the applicants are expected to have no criminal record, have at least a bachelor’s degree and “clean” driving license (not very clear why it is necessary).

We want to remind that the self-driving car of “Google” has collided with a city bus. The incident occurred on 14 February near the headquarters of the Internet giant in California. No one was injured in the incident.

The accident happened while the vehicle equipped with sensors and cameras was trying to get around some sandbags placed on the street. Then the car hit a bus on its right side. The car was moving at 3 km / h, and its random target – seven times the speed of it.

From “Google” apologized for the accident and assured that they improved the software test car after it in order to avoid future similar incidents.

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