Google Allo: Can the new chat app outsmart WhatsApp and iMessage?

google allo

In the ever-changing digital world that we live in, people want to stay connected and one of the most prominent ways in which we do that is through our messengers. Though the connection is the main goal of a messenger, there are many different versions of the same basic premise of the same basic “send a message out, get a message in system” all trying to corner the market and prevail as the go to messaging application.

The Competition

Two of the juggernauts currently leading the charge in this ever growing field of messenger apps are WhatsApp and iMessage, both of which somewhat sport the same idea of using instant messaging. Instant messaging, or IM, in these apps is used as a substitute for the standard SMS messaging that is programmed into phones and is useful due to its faster speed and exclusion from SMS charges. WhatsApp, established in 2009 was the original phone IM service, and it gained the following it has today by allowing many new features that many take for granted today such as group messaging and sharing location, to former SMS customers as long as they had a data connection on their phones. iMessage, however, took a different approach to gain its market share. The Apple exclusive software has been built into all of apples message capable products since its conception in 2012 and uses the best of both worlds by allowing all the features of WhatsApp’s IM styles service (with Apple’s own creative touch of course) and the stand SMS service for users who do not wish to use their data on messaging.

The Future of Messaging

Enter Google Allo, the world’s first smart messenger. Allo is a brand new type of smart IM service introduced by Google to complement its current lineup of messaging services that include Hangouts (IM/VOIP) and Messenger (SMS). Allo is the world’s first smart messenger meaning that not only does it have complete integration of the Google search engine built into the app, but it also has a smart reply feature that learns the user’s response tendencies, and offers suggested responses. This means that with Google Allo, you can look up any information that you want and instantly send to your friends all in real time in your conversation. This means that people wishing to make plans can instantly go back and forth with different material pulled instantly from googles search engine. However, Allo’s innovative features do not stop there. Allo is also giving users a personal Google assistant. This assistant is an AI dedicated for use in the Allo platform potentially giving it the edge over other general purpose AI like Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana.

Is Allo really up to the Task?

Allo also has made sure that it is on par with the customizable features of new IOS 10 update released by Apple, by including a completely customizable picture, sticker, and size to its messaging. When it comes to the features of WhatsApp, Allo is on the same level or likely even more advanced due to its smart capabilities and completely free cost. The only current downside that causes Allo to lag behind iMessage is its inability to perform SMS messaging (which may not be a problem for some users).


Even with all of its new offerings, only time will tell if Allo will rise to the top and lead the pack of messaging apps, but with its smart capabilities, it’s sending the right message.

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