Fun Facts only Huge Disneyland Nerds Know About


There is not one American institution that is as equally reviled as it is beloved as Walt Disney World, located in Central Florida. However, whether you love it or hate it, its intricacies are without a doubt no less than fascinating. Disney world is the epicenter of every child’s fantasy and fanny-pack fashion.

Unless you are a mega Disney fan, chances are you probably don’t know all the titbits about this fascinating leisure park. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been to Disneyland, or how much research you have carried out about the place; there is always a new fun fact that will surprise you about the theme park. Even if you know about the basketball court, the secret tunnels and club 33, here are a few trivia bits only familiar to huge Disney nerds.

On its opening day, admission tickets to Disney world only cost $3.50. Nowadays, a ticket will cost you a whopping $94 or $99, for just one day. This prize may vary (upward) depending on the theme park you choose to visit. On its opening day, admission tickets to Disney world only cost $3.50If you want to go to multiple theme parks, you will have to pay an additional fee of $60, or buy multi-day tickets for a discounted prize, which by the way is still not cheap. Today, the only thing $3.50 can get you at Disney World is a bottle of water, and not even the smart water, just the ordinary kind.

Dead people’s ashes are all over the theme park. This is not a joke. Some people actually request that upon their death; they want their bodies cremated and their ashes disposed of in Disney land. So their ashes are spread from on top of rides such as the Dumbo ride. This may sound odd to many, but it’s a thing that happens all the time. Apparently, the park even has a special vacuum cleaner used on the occurrence of such special occasions.

Disney world is basically a city self-governed by itself. This fact should especially be frightening to the outside world. The land the theme park stands on is so big- the size of San Francisco or two Manhattans- that it straddles Osceola and Orange counties. Back in the day, neither of these two counties had the resources to support the construction of the theme park. So they decided to designate Walt Disney World as its own autonomous taxing district. However, this autonomy does not seem to apply to the country’s rule of law.

Disney world records the highest number of employees in a single site in the United States. Being one of the largest theme park and vacation destination in the world, hosting more than sixty million people every year, it comes as no surprise that it is the largest single-site employer. And get this, the employees aren’t just referred to as employees, but as cast members. They are also required to know multiple languages, so they can probably tell you where the bathroom is in more than ten languages.

The Magical Kingdom in Florida  is actually on the second floor. The first level, dubbed the underground city of secret tunnels, is a network of utilidors built in to allow the characters in costume to cross the park without being seen by the public. It has been constructed this way because Florida is at sea level, making it impossible for engineers to dig down. So these “underground tunnels” are actually built at ground level, with the magical kingdom built on top of them- a lot like modern Rome.

The Magical Kingdom in Florida

As a lover of all things Disney, I hope this article will help your Disney world factoids reign supreme.  

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