The Evolution of Batman Movies


Hello, little Nerds! Are you curious about what you are going to see in today‘s article? Good! Our team decided to show the evolution of entire Batman theatrical movie saga, created by Jeff Victor. The artist featured not only Batman, but the main villains from each film as well!

Batman: The Movie 1966

jeff victor batman 1966

Adam West in the leading role

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Batman 1989

Michael Keaton in the lead role

jeff victor batman 1989

Tim Burton’s Batman arrived in 1989 and conquered the world in no time. At that time the only major superhero movies you could see in theaters were the Superman’s, which quality was rapidly. Batman changed the concept of wearing black rubber suits instead of tights. It still persists nowadays in the superheroes circles. Many parents were shocked by the movie’s dark theme and considered it as unsuitable for young children. But wait, things are about to get even darker…


Batman Returns 1992

Michael Keaton in the lead role

jeff victor batman 1992

After the massive hit in 1989, Warner Bros gave a green lite to Tim Burton to direct Batman Returns. Unfortunately, the movie appeared too violent and too dark irrespective of its commercial success. Michael Keaton and Tim Burton left the franchise. Warner Bros reversed the gritty idea and decided to go into 180 degrees direction. Hold on, little Nerds. The things are not going to be alright.


Batman Forever 1995

Val Kilmer in the leading role

jeff victor batman 1995

Joel Schumacher helmed Batman Forever. What was the result? Grumbling fans, despite the ton of gained money. Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey starred as the main villains.


Batman and Robin 1997

George Clooney in the leading role

jeff victor batman 1997

The movie worth a fortune to Warner Bros. Unfortunately the movie was a disaster and the comic fans hated it. Literary, it “killed comic book movies for three years”. What Batman needed, was a fresh start and the help was on its way.


Batman Begins 2005

Christian Bale in the leading role

jeff victor batman 2005

Thanks to the success of Spider-man and X-men movies, Batman got a new shot. Christopher Nolan was hired to revive the interest in the saga. He did it. It seemed he knew what fans needed to see. It earned critical praises and became a hit.


The Dark Knight 2008

Christian Bale in the leading role

jeff victor batman 2008

The strongest Batman movie and the best single superhero movie made. It was described as developing the superhero movie genre.

“Anchored by an incredible Joker performance by Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight is a milestone in blockbuster filmmaking.”


The Dark Knight Rises 2012

Christian Bale in the leading role and Tom Hardy as Bane

jeff victor batman 2012

A bold attempt after the smashing hit in 2008. It had its admirers, however wasn’t as good as its predecessor (according to the statistics). We at Nerdy Today, really enjoyed the movie.

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