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With comic book franchises dominating movie theaters across the world, and plenty of source material to cover, you’ve got to wonder what happens to all the characters that don’t make it into the movies. Netflix seems to have the answer for at least a handful of Marvel’s unused characters, launching multiple live-action series based on characters from The Defenders saga of Marvel comics, which happens to include Iron Fist. Consider this a brush up for everything you need to know about Iron Fist as both a comic book character and a Netflix series before the marathon watching begins.

Comic Book Overview

Iron Fist comicbook

For those who aren’t very familiar with the comic books, Iron Fist is an interesting character with a peculiar backstory. The short version of this story is that Iron Fist’s Father, Wendell  Rand, decides to take his family and business partner on a trek to a mystical city that he found as a child. Wendell and his family, which consists of his wife Heather and son Daniel, are betrayed by his business partner, named Meachum. The betrayal results in Wendell falling to his death. Soon after, Heather also dies protecting Daniel from a pack of wolves, leaving Daniel as the only one to be found and taken to the mystical city of K’un L’un. While in K’un L’un Daniel seeks vengeance against Meachum and is trained in martial arts. Using his teachings Daniel successfully kills a dragon allowing him to inherit the abilities of the Iron Fist, which give him a permanent dragon tattoo on his chest, and waits to return to New York. Back in New York Iron Fist goes on tons of adventures, from seeking vengeance against Meachum to fighting his later best friend, and Co-worker in Heroes for Hire, Luke Cage. Over the years Iron Fist contracts cancer and cures it, loses his power and gains it back, opens up Heroes for Hire with Luke Cage, and even poses as Daredevil to throw some heat off of Matt Murdock. Iron Fist is even known to sit down for Chinese food as much as possible (he’s a mystical Kung Fu master he can do that).

Netflix Adaption

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Netflix was given rights to the series in 2013 when production began after a film project based on Iron Fist was canned after a decade sitting in development. The show is set to be released on March 17, 2017. This will put Iron Fist as the last origin series to premiere before The Defenders crossover, while also airing after a season of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, and two seasons of Daredevil…expect plenty of Easter eggs.

Iron Fist Netflix Story

The premise of the Netflix series is to show the origin story of Iron Fist, with Daniel Rand arriving back in New York as the sole heir to a billion dollar fortune after 15 years at a Buddhist monastery where he became the Iron Fist. When a new threat arises, he must choose between the vengeance he seeks for his family’s legacy and his duties as the Iron Fist. Look for this one to function similarly to the first season of Daredevil’s origin story plot development, depending on how far back they choose to start his story.


finn jones is iron fist

Daniel Rand/Iron Fist will be played by Finn Jones. Finn has been in love with the character premise ever since he landed his job due to his interest in playing a character that is a young, hopeful billionaire that just happens to have spent 15 years as an orphan training in extreme martial arts to become the ultimate vigilante. Jones, in preparation for the role, has asked himself, “If someone went through this, how would he be? What kind of man would he be?” An easy answer to that question would be to say that he would be Batman, (the characters’ backstories are strikingly similar), but we shall see how Jones makes his mark on the orphaned hero take.

Other notable casting involves:

Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing: a local Dojo owner and ally of Iron Fist

David Wenham as Harold Meachum: Yes, this is the same Meachum that caused Fist’s parents to die

Jessica Stroup and Tom Pelphrey as Joy and Ward Meachum: Childhood friends of Iron Fist and the children of Harold Meachum that have dedicated their lives to Rand Enterprises. Their entire lives’ work is threatened to be undone with Daniel Rand’s return.

Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple: The Night Nurse once again finds herself in the center role of connecting the shows, this time attending Wing’s Dojo

Trailer & Recap

With the dominance of the Marvel Cinematic Universe dominating both the theaters and televisions across the world, Iron Fist looks poised to deliver yet another memorable chapter of the most popular superhero era in modern times. Of course, after watching the trailer above, you can always decide for yourself if the series is worth a watch but with the interweaving stories of The Defenders series and the potential of breaking into the movie universe as well, it’s hard not to watch.

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