DC’s Next Crossover: ‘Gotham’ Meets ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

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Just three weeks ago, Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti announced that two of their shows (Supergirl and The Flash) were crossing over. The big question is how exactly can this happen as they are on a different channels. The answer is this: “World’s Finest”. An epic episode on CB’s Supergirl where the CW’s Barry Allen will meet up Kara Danvers.

The DC universe began with The Arrow on CW, continued with The Flash and expanded to Legends of Tomorrow. What would the crossover move bring? It will bring The Supergirl into the universe. (Welcome)

legends of tomorrow arrow the flash supergirl

All these four shows share characters, storylines and also exist in one world. The world of DC.

Supergirl is currently a CBS production. It was originally run on CW, but because of the lack of time slots in the CW’ schedule, the show is moved to CBS. It is good to note that CBS owns half of the CW, which means the company, wants to keep Supergirl in the family.

Expanding the DC universe with inviting The Supergirl in it, is so long ago expected action by the fans. The obstacles how would the two show merge the storyline and also in reality (he one shoots in L.A. and the other in Canada) seems like have been overcome.

supergirl the flash crossover

This crossover is a miracle in nature. Merrill Barr has certain concerns and doubts how would the extraordinary set of conditions, will make it possible.  Anyway, the fans are happy and can’t wait “World’s Finest” to appear on screen.

You wouldn’t have seen Matt Ryan on Arrow last season if Constantine was still being aired on NBC this year. Also, who wouldn’t like to see more crossovers like this one? We certainly do!

Let’s dig deeper. What really is DC trying to tell us in the last two years? Creating the crossover proves that the DC’s world, with all characters, exist in one concurrent multi-universe. Is Marvel doing something different? As we last checked, we haven’t seen Daredevil appear on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D to play chess with Agent Phil Coulson.

Our Nerdy Team loves crossovers! All the news coming our way points towards the possibility of more shows, which means loads more episodes to watch without having to wait for ages! Usually episodes of this kind are getting more attention and higher ratings. This is why it’s worth it all the cost and negotiations between the networks, all the fuss and the jumping actors.

What do we have? There are two different universes and one TV. DC has the freedom to connect all its shows and characters to each other in many colorful and exciting ways.  There has been a rumor recently that DC is “killing” some of the “Suicide Squad” just to protect an upcoming movie.  How come Constantine joins the Arrowverse after it was already dead and not before? Why to play solo instead of in a team… a big, expanding TV team.

The origin stories begin in Gotham

After the Supergirl/Flash crossover Gotham is the only DC show left out of the Arrowvesre. Some of you may think that Gotham “it’s not good enough” and shouldn’t infect the great universe, but just think about it for a second. Season two was quite…fantastic! The show is evolving and turning out to be one of the favorite weekly TV series. The fans would be delighted if Gotham becomes a part of the DC TV Universe.

gotham all actors

Recently this idea would be unthinkable from a writer’s view. The Gotham plot takes place years in the past and follows the story of Batman (Bruce Wane) and Gotham’s ever-growing team of villains. How would you connect it to Arrow, which exist in present days? It is a tough one, right?

Here come Legends of Tomorrow

legends of tomorrow team

The CW TV has made a TV show that fits just perfectly for a Gotham crossover in the near future. What a better way to do this than by using a time-travelling machine!

The crew of the Legends of Tomorrow includes:

  • Dr. Martin Stein (Victor Garber)
  • Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh)
  • Sara Lance (Caity Lotz)
  • Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill)
  • Hawkgirl (Ciara Renée)
  • Firestorm (Franz Drameh)
  • Gideon (Amy Pemberton)
  • Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell)
  • Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller)
  • Vandal Savage (Casper Crump)

And many other…

The Legends have spent the first couple episodes in the ‘70s and now are heading to the ‘80s, which should be around Gotham’s timing.

On one hand we have Gotham where all the villains and heroes are existing in a reality similar to ours. The most vicious gangster is The Penguin (man looking like a penguin), the most evil killers are Bane (thank you, Tom Hardy) and Zsasz, the cruelest thief is The Catwoman (well, she has a little superpower). They are all perfectly human, there are no fairies, no aliens, no supernatural creatures, no sci-fi technology or magic. On the other hand there is Legends of Tomorrow where the team includes a woman was bring back to life, by Lazarus Pit, an Egyptian Priestess died more than 200 times, two guys  merging into a Firestorm, aliens… ups, sorry, no aliens so far.

It looks like this would be the most difficult crossover of all. The reasons are many. The Supergirl and The Flash are under one umbrella and share same producers, so the merge is logical. But when it comes to FOX’s Gotham, with the money coming from different places, amongst other pitfalls, a crossover like that is a hell of a deal.

dc tv universe heroes

After all, there comes a time when Gotham finds its weird and rightful place in the DC universe full off creatures from other worlds. It is the only one left out of the Arrowverse and should become a part of the DC TV, which will link all of them together in one network. This will greatly benefit the show, taking it away from its lonely, desolated island.

DC have an entire TV universe and they are capable to expand it to unlimited size by using their A-team players more often (something Marvel can‘t). It looks like crossovers are the logical way forward for DC. Fans want to see their most beloved heroes and villains all come together. With a rising network of TV shows, DC is building something special, something massive and something unforgettable yet to come…