Cats Who Are Completely Jerks


Cats are cute, angelic, fluffy balls who bring us joy and love. Haha, well,you know it’s not the whole truth, mostly they’re here to make our lives hell. Don’t get me wrong, I adore cats! But I’m a realist. They may be sweet and fluffy and give the best kitten kisses, but when it comes down to it, they just want to watch the world burn. At one point they are innocent and purring creatures, in the next moment they are beasts beat on the foot sticking out of the bed.

  1. I peed on the hamster…

cats are jurks


2. Photobombing a wedding? Just a regular cat’s day…cat on a wedding day

3. 3 in 1 – really bad combination for your homecat compilation

4.  Cat sitting on a laptop- level ProCat sitting on a laptop

5. Bringing snakes in the house- what a delightful present! cat bringing snakes to its home

6. I guess size really does not matter when you are a catcat vs dog

7. Okay… That’s horrifying half-dead mouse in the mouth

8. This cat is definitely not another brick in the wallcat in the wall

9. Okay, this one deserves some respect!

cat badass

10. I think this cat wants to tell you something…cat jurk

11. Well, maybe your cat is trying to tell you that you should clean and organize your home better 🙂

cat badass

12. They are jerks even with their own kind!

cat jurk

13.  As I said… No mercy even for other cats cat vs cat

14. So, there is no chance for the dogs… Like a boss 😀cat vs dog

15. How you dare to sleep around me,you inferior creature!cat vs dog


16.  This one really teaches us how to seize the moment 😀cat vs dog

17.  I came in like a wrecking ball…cat vs child

18.  The way they love to push things awaycat vs lipstisk

19. It’s some kind of real obsession…cat vs objects

20. And here you can see the final phase of this disorder cat vs objects

21. This one is my favorite! It’s really the king of all the mean cats 😀really mean cat


Enough for today, more are coming soon. Cause Internet is big and mean cats are lurking everywhere around it.