Cars Then and Now: BMW 3 Series

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Hello, little nerds! We, at Nerdy Today know you love the automotive world, as much as we do. This is why we are starting a series of articles named Cars Then and Now. They will show how exactly the iconic cars have change over the years. It takes a lot to be successful, to build a brand, to prove yourself though years over and over again, to overcome oil crises and world wars, changing tastes, to develop your product and etc. Many companies disappeared faster than they have appeared. Many companies withstood and proved they can do it through time. We are starting the series with the German automaker BMW.

bmw 3-series-then and now

BMW 3 Series (E21) – 1975

Base model price (original): $7,900

BMW 3-Series 1975

BMW released the 3 Series in 1975. The first generation of the series was produced from 1975 to 1982. The first models were released as 316, 318 320 and they were supposed to replace the 02 Series. Known as the E21, it was powered by 4-cylinder engine and in 1977 a straight-6-cylinder engine complemented the line. Most of the E21s were sold as 2-door sedan, but in USA, it was only available as a 4-door 320i. For eight years were sold around 1.4 million items of that first-generation. This was a worldwide record.


BMW 3 Series — 2016

Base model price (current): $32,950

bmw 3 series 2016

… 40 years later. With its more than 14 million vehicles sold (worldwide), the 3-series has become the best-selling model line for its creator. This is the sixth generation and its code-name is F30. The 3 Series is available as a Sedan, Touring, Gran Turismo and M3 Sedan. They are offered with turbo petrol or diesel engines, which offer high dynamics. The current 3 Series come with all-wheel drive, unlike the first produced model with just one trim.  340i sedan comes with 3.0-liter six-cylinder, 320hp and 330 lb-ft of torque. 2-door and convertible models are now named 4-Series.

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