A burger for $80 Million Has Been Created

expensive burger

So, how much you are ready to pay for a single burger? Maybe $10, $20, or even $100? Well, you must prepare much more if you want to try this one.

A new burger is about to conquer the vegetarian world. It was created in a laboratory and all products it is made of are plants, but it smells and tastes like beef. It even has a “bloody” color. This creation took Brown’s Impossible Foods laboratory five years and $80 million. This burger promises to abandon the people of flesh and make them eat potato protein, coconut oil, xanthan gum and a mysterious substance called heme.

The final result of the team participated in its elaboration – scientists, nutritionists, chefs, is the creation of food to have taste, smell, and texture of the original beef burger. The main ingredient – heme – a compound which creators call “a major creative force on earth.” It is found in animal muscle and legumes but is synthesized from yeast and other substances, unknown to the laboratory. Heme is the basis not only taste but also the red, bloody look that is favorite for the fans of beef.

burger for $80M

According to Steve Kuozzo author in the New York Times, who tried the meatball, it is no different from ordinary vegan burgers made from grains and legumes. “The best thing about this burger is a vegan imitation of American cheese, which is yeast and nuts,” he added. According to the creator of this burger is a failure if it is not tasty. “In another five years and new $ 80 million, this initiative can succeed, who knows….” -said Kuozzo.

So, let me if I get this straight, the scientists want to give vegans food that looks and tastes like meat? I thought it is called meat, right?


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