The Best TV Series On Netflix: September 2016

Netflix september shows

How to choose what to watch with so many channels and so many productions? Easy peasy. You just need to follow our Nerdy guide for September. Of course, it is hard to select just a few series, but after all, you are committing time from your life to watch them. We won‘t compromise and we can guarantee only the best.

Here are some of the best series on Netflix for this month:

Breaking Bad

breaking bad

Walter White /Bryan Cranston/ is diagnosed with terminal cancer. He is working as a chemistry teacher in Albuquerque but starts making amphetamines which will secure the future of his family. The plot is not about drug manufacturing, but rather about an average family man who must deal with the underground world. Walt maybe a villain, but he will become your favorite one for sure.



sherlock netflix

If you love mysteries, you will be amused by this modern version of the beloved detective, Sherlock Holmes.


Peaky Blinders

peaky-blinders netflix 2016

It is based on a real-life 20th-century gang. Tommy Shelby and his gang called Peaky Blinders take over Birmingham after World War I, while Chief Inspector Chester Campbell is sent to clean up the city. The team behind the TV series put great efforts to get the real feel and look of the era.



luther netflix show

In the main role is Idris Elba. He plays the role of a Detective Chief Inspector John Luther. He is rapt of solving his murder cases and this affects in all aspects of his life. But what happens when the persecutor resemble the persecuted? This is what doesn’t stop bothering Luther, who is chased by his own demons.


Stranger Things

stranger-things netflix

The plot is sent back to the 80s. A boy disappears into a mist. After all his friends and family’s efforts, it becomes clear that his disappearance is related to supernatural forces. It is a really well-made show. The success of Stranger Things is not surprising.


Marvel’s Luke Cage

marvels-luke-cage netflix tv series

Luke Cage gets unbreakable skin and super strength after an experiment. Although he tries to begin a new life in New York, the past is chasing him and soon he has to stand up his demons and defend the city.



pablo-escobar-of-narcos on netflix

This is the second season of the super successful Netflix’s show, Narcos. It tracks the real life stories of the most famous and influential drug lord, Pablo Escobar. It is based on real events. Which means that you must be prepared for a whole bunch of violence.


Black Mirror

black mirror netflix

What will happen when the technology overcomes the humanity? The show explores the consequences of it. One thing is for sure, you won’t look the screen of your phone (black mirror) as you did it before. The main question is: Are you using the technology or it is using you?

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