Best Tech Gadgets 2016


Every year thousands of gadgets are invented by the companies all over the world. Then all these inventors come to show their inventions at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to introduce them worldwide. This show takes place at the beginning of every year. We’ve prepared report keeping an eye the gadgets that became very popular in the past few months.

After a deep research and struggle, we’ve brought the top rated gadgets details to you.

1. Omgate Garage Door Opener


Garage doors are always considered as old technology. Even after the current replacements, it didn’t show any upgrade – not even the infrared safety sensors. Israeli developers have brought some innovation to the garage door with the help of some simple hacks and a mobile app. Omgate adds a connection between your smart phone and the garage door. Thus your garage door opens automatically when you enter. You can use this app to open the gate or just approach the gate and it will automatically open up for you.

Now the garage remote isn’t a tension anymore. You can provide access to other users too according to your choice. You can control up to 20 gates and garage doors with the help of a single smart phone by using the OmGate’s app. Its installation is quick and simple.

This product is available at a minor price of $129.00.

2. The GoSun Stove


The GoSun Stove is a grill that works with the solar power. It comes with a unique design that takes the sunlight towards cylinder, which can heat up to 550 degrees in 10 to 20 minutes. There is a solar evacuated tube in it that absorbs more than 80% of the reflected sunlight from the tube, in which the food is cooked.

You can buy this anonymous feature gadget in just $279.00.

3. PICO Projector

pico projector

The responsibility of planning for the projector is a major headache for delivering a presentation. The mini projectors have overcome this problem and their quality is sensational. This mini projector weighs under a half pound but has the ability to project a 120-inch picture beautifully. It shows the 1080p video at 80 lumens brightness with crystal clear (1000:1 contrast ration). It’s an impressive gadget. It comes with vibrant colors and it can be operated for up to 25000 hours. Thus you can access this projector for many years without needing a replacement. This super power mini gadget is available at $299.00.

4. Oombrella


Now people are moving towards the transformation of common products into smart gadgets. Oombrella is also such kind of a gadget that is transformed from a common product. It is a smart umbrella that is intelligent enough that it forecasts the rainy weather for you and reminds you to keep it with you. It might appear unnecessary to you but it’s very impressive in the opinion of many people. This Extraordinary gadget is available at price $72.00.

5. MIO Alpha 2

 MIO Alpha 2

There are already many health and fitness trackers available in the market that now it has become impossible for a new gadget to manage a rank, but Mio alpha 2 has beaten all the previous gadgets and managed a high ranked place for itself. It focuses on the important performance data instead of counting the steps that you take in a day. It’s a wrist-based heart rate monitor that comes with Alpha quality.

It helps track distance, pace and calorie burn. This is sports proof and water resistance wearable that ensures all training conditions. It measures the right exercise intensity with the help of its Personal Activity Intelligence, ensuring you keep a top-quality health profile. There are many wearable available in the market but this one is really in a class by itself. Its cost is $199.00 in the international market.

6. URB-E


Portable electric scooters are seen rising for urban riders this year – like URB-E and Xcooter – that are sleek and stylish and can easily be carried anywhere by folding them up. This multiple featured amazing ride can be bought at the price $1599.

7. Iclever foldable Bluetooth keyboard

Iclever foldable Bluetooth keyboard

Iclever is a well-known company for providing inexpensive, but well manufactured and durable products. Iclever manages to keep the prices low but maintains the high quality. The foldable compact Bluetooth keyboard works as well as the wireless keyboard. But its price is three times less than the formal wireless keyboards. Its price is $35.99. You can carry it anywhere because it occupies a very small area.

8. Earin


These wireless Bluetooth ear buds are introduced by the Apple, for those who appreciate the clear sound of Iphone’s ear buds but don’t like the wires with them (even wireless Bluetooth headphone come with a wire). They will definitely love Earin. Many audiophiles are amazed by the outstanding quality of these ear buds. They are comfortable with very high-quality sound. It can be used for 10 hours from a single charge. You can buy these ear buds at $249.99.

There is a wide range of gadgets available but we’ve mentioned only those which are commonly loved by most of the people.

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