Best Drones Available on the Market

best drones 2016

Best Drones Available on the market

Drones have overcome not only the skies but the headlines too. Drones are everywhere, be it a military drones bombing targets, or amateur camera drones, or prisoner drug shipment etc. All of them are not bad; some are created for some real good purpose.

Some companies like Amazon and Dominos have already started shipping the drones, which means that the drones will soon conquer the skies.

There are many drones available that are used for fun. For example, some of them come with a built-in camera, and some are strong enough to carry a baby with them.

There are plenty of drones available in the market to match your style and requirement. Here we’ll discuss a few drones that have become popular over the past few months and are awarded as the best drones of 2016.

Skeye Pico Drone- $50

This is claimed to be the world’s tiniest drone. It cannot only fit into your hand many times over due to its small size but has the ability to fly with precision too. All this is possible because of 6-axis flight control and a gyroscope.

It has the ability to perform some tricks too with its flying feature. It can perform tricks like flipping, spinning, and even aerial diving. The LED lights are not only to make it visible in the dark but can provide a good look of it.

The Skeye Pico Drone gets fully charged in half an hour, and flies in the air for up to 8 minutes. And it comes with a controller that can operate it from 50 meters away.

UDI U818A Drone-$60

Everyone can’t fly a drone like a master. But this drone is designed to simplify the use of a drone for everyone. It’s so simple to operate that even a child, who has used a flying toy, can operate it like a champ. It’s not only strong and affordable but has made the flight control simple for everyone.

Its rotors are protected in such a way that even a bump can’t damage the drone. A six-axis gyro with posture control has made the precision flight easy. This drone comes with a built-in camera that takes snaps at 640 * 480 resolutions. This drone is more about flying fun.

DJI Phantom 3-$471

It’s the best overall drone. It has the ability to fly for a long time. It comes with the 4k camera (pro only), but the standard version comes with a bit lower resolution camera. It has a super stable flight time and comes with a ton of other outstanding features. It comes in both standard and the professional version.


Odyssey Toys Pocket Drone-$99

It’s a simple portable drone that you can carry anywhere with you by folding it up. You don’t need to be worried about packing it accurately in a special bag to prevent its wings from getting damaged because it fits your pocket like a gaming companion. The controller also comes with features of size and shape – ideal for the children.

Its flight time is also approximately 8 minutes. So using it in a wise manner will help you enjoy its HD camera for long. At the time of charging you don’t need to carry any special equipment for it, because of USB friendliness, it can easily be charged using any mobile phone charger.

Hubsan X4 H107 FPV-$137

It’s a palm-sized affordable drone that is still able to cram a camera into its small size body. You can control its flight from a first-person perspective due to its transmitter remote that has a built-in screen in it to access this feature. There is not matter of range in it in such a case.

It comes with a 0.3-megapixel camera device that has the ability to capture 640 * 480 resolution feed. You can record its video if the SD card inserted into the controller. It might not bring you the high quality but still enables you to save some beautifully captured moments.

It works for at least 7 minutes after a full recharge. And it can be recharged via USB in 30 minutes.

Hubsan X4 V2 H107L is the perfect choice for those who are looking for cheaper drones. It doesn’t have a camera but manages 9 minutes flight on a half hour charge. It costs $40 on Amazon.

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