The Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

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Hello, little Nerds! Today our awesome Nerdy Today Team will take you on a vacation and make your day really awesome. We prepared a list with the most beautiful beaches on Earth. Make a cocktail first and go ahead.

Navagio, Zakynthos, Greece

Navagio, Zakynthos-Greece

Steep limestone cliffs surround the wonderful beach to do so intimate and pleasant place to rest.




Hundreds of islands attract thousands of tourists and divers. They have a deep clear water and a rich variety of marine fauna and flora.


The hidden beach in Mexico

playa de amor The hidden beach in Mexico

Marieta Islands, Mexico. This is one of the most exciting and beautiful beaches. The place is impressive, full of amazing natural resources and is therefore protected by UNESCO.


Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

punta cana beach

The name of the resort comes from the name of the species of palms distributed in these places. Tourists can enjoy the wonderful hotels and wide sandy beaches. And for lovers of adventure has all conditions for windsurfing and sailing.




The turquoise water is warm and not too deep because the islands are protected from the rough ocean by a reef, which is of great interest for divers.


Bora Bora

Bora Bora

The resort is famous not only for its white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and the perfect time but also with incredible houses built directly into the sea!




The country is composed of many paradisaical beaches and resorts


Zanzibar, Tanzania

zanzibar beach

Zanzibar is a former country located on an island group in the western Indian Ocean, part of the territory of the present Tanzania. With its many islands and beaches, this place attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year.


Whitehaven beach, Whitsunday Island, Australia

Whitehaven Whitsunday Island

One of the most impressive and enchanting beaches in the world. Vacationing in this place is certainly a divine experience.

Bonn Voyage!


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