Barack Obama Creates First US Marine Reserve in the Atlantic Ocean

Barack Obama Creates First US Marine Reserve in the Atlantic Ocean

US president Barack Obama has created the first ever US marine park in the Atlantic Ocean. The motive behind his running for president was to protect our world for the future and save our planet of its natural things. He has reserved an area where people aren’t allowed to do fishing and oil drilling in order to protect the marine life. The complete area of the marine park is estimated to be around double the size of the Grand Canyon national park. The area has been carefully selected, which is why, it is filled with natural wonders like corals and sea mountains, giving the visitors a lot to see. Apart from the natural wonders the area consists of creatures like puffins, tunas, sharks, endangered sperm whales, dolphins, and whales.

In addition to the wildlife, the area is said to consist of underwater hills and valleys. There are some underwater mountains that are recorded to rise 7,700 feet above the ocean floor.

The name that is chosen for this first ever US Marine reserve is the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument. It will be situated 130 miles southeast of Cape Cod.Barack Obama Creates First US Marine Reserve in the Atlantic Ocean

Fishing associations opposed the creation of the reserve, and claimed that they were looking after the fish stocks carefully themselves, which is why, there wasn’t any need for protection.

This marine reserve gets the world one step closer to protect the ocean areas. This monument unlike other monuments is located away from populated areas.

US president made the decision to protect the life underwater after he came across the report of researchers from New England who claimed this area to be rich in geological wonders. In 2013 the area was thoroughly inspected and a video was made to show that the area has a healthy marine life. During the inspection some rare species were also found, giving the president all the more reason to protect the area.

In this day and age, a very small amount of fishing takes place in areas that consist of seamounts and canyons due to the ruggedness and deepness of the area but this action took by the president will limit fishing to a new level.

This region is aimed to provide good living conditions for the underwater life. This investment will not only save natural beauty of the world but it will also prove to be monetarily profitable for the generations to come.

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