This Bar In Japan Is Built Entirely From Trash

This Bar In Japan Is Built Entirely From Trash

You may think that you are a pro at recycling, but you have nothing on Kamikatz Public House in Kamikatsu, Japan. This bar which also features a brewery named Rise and Wine and some living spaces is built entirely from recycled waste. Yes, you read that right; recycled waste. You’ve got to check this place out!

on Kamikatz Public House in Kamikatsu, Japan


This public house or otherwise known as pub has become the symbol of Kamikatsu’s commitment to zero waste. Though this may be considered a small town (it has a population of just a little over 1,700) they are on a mission to become the country’s first ‘zero waste’ community. They have already achieved an 80% recycling rate and plan to recycle 100% of their waste by 2020. Residents of this small town sort their waste into 34 categories. Some of these waste categories include the common ones such as glass, tin, newspaper, etc. While other categories include broken lightbulbs, wooden chopsticks, diapers, and used kitchen oil.

This eye catching creative masterpiece was designed by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP and currently just won WAN Sustainable Buildings Award 2016. Inside you will see reclaimed tiles that they had used from an abandoned tile factory for the flooring, a chandelier made from empty bottles, and newspaper that has been upcycled into wallpaper. It also sports old furniture and farm equipment that has been reconstructed for display fixtures and an entire wall that is made out of old abandoned windows.the building was designed by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP

Hiroshi Nakamura says, “The elevated ceiling effectively ventilates the warm air that stagnates above during summer, while the double layer of window fittings trap air and enhance insulation. The ceiling fan circulates heat from the carbon-neutral radiation heater that makes effective use of branches from the forest.”

Not only is everything in this pub made from recycled waste, but the architecture conserves energy and resources along with reducing the amount of harmful emissions it emits. Another plus for the small town pub is it has been boosting the local and regional economy as well as becoming a must see for tourists.

Looks like we need to take a chapter from this town’s book and start implementing better recycling processes, not to mention that seeing Kamikatz Public House in person is now on our bucket lists!

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