Android + Chrome OS = Andromeda?

Maybe we will find out on October 4 ...


According to unofficial information from The Network, Google is testing a new universal operating system called Andromeda, which will unite the Android and Chrome OS. Its announcement is expected on October 4,  with the new device of the Pixel series.

Pretty much the whole world knows that on October 4, Google will hold an official press event at which they will announce their new devices of the series Pixel. It is quite possible, however on this event to be presented other technological innovations that may be decisive for the IT and the all Internet industry in the coming years. Among them is hiding something very interesting called Andromeda.

According to the online resource 9to5google, the Internet giant is testing (on a Nexus 9 tablet ) a new software named Andromeda, which according to the source is a hybrid of Android operating system and Chrome OS.

The software Andromeda is mentioned in the the source code of Android 7.0 Nougat AOSP (Android Open Source Project) and, more precisely, in a file called, which is a tool for testing the performance of the graphics subsystem.

new OS Andromeda from Google

It is also clear that the software Andromeda is quite demanding in terms of graphics performance. For the normal functioning of that OS, the hardware device is necessarily to have graphics performance with a ball not less than 8.0 (out of 10). Nexus 9 tablet notes 8.8 rating. In comparison, for the launch of Android is needed hardware Ball 4.0.

andromeda detected

In the program code is also mentioned the possibility of free management of the windows. It is assumed that thanks to this opportunity the new OS Andromeda will allow comfortable working with multiple windows simultaneously on devices with larger displays such as laptops or hybrid mobile devices. That is the indicator of the universality of the system. Well, anyway, we will not wait much longer to find out what else it is hiding.

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