7 Military Vehicles You Can Actually Buy

7 Military Vehicles you can actually buy


Lots of people have dreams of owning their own tank or fighter jet.  While those are most likely not going to be available to the public anytime soon there are some other options.  While there are a number of options of military hardware that you can purchase.  I’ve come up with a list of 7 such vehicles that had a life in the military, but can now have a life in your driveway.  As a point of order, if you are looking to actually purchase one of these be sure to double check with your local laws, they can change and it would be pretty tough to plunk down your money and then find out that you can’t take your new toy home.

1) DUKW “Duck” Amphibious Truck

 DUKW “Duck” Amphibious Truck

This one comes from the US and is a classic.  It dates all the way back to the second world war.  It is a big one too, almost 15,000 lbs and yet is can still float.  These beauties have proven themselves to be literally bulletproof, should that be a concern that you have while cruising across a lake or a river.  Even though they were built in the 40’s there are a surprising number of them that are still on the road.  A number of them have been snatched up by the tourist industry, cities such as Boston and London have tours that go from the streets to the rivers.  However there are still some floating around that you can buy the price varies, but look to pay around $80,000.

2) Humvee


This is another American machine.  Don’t confuse it with the H2 monstrosity that has been released to the public and sold as some sort of SUV like boat of a car that does nothing but gobble up gas.  This is the true Hummer that has seen some action out in the field and come back to talk about it.  While the government is giving them away to just about every police force that can find someone to drive one, you can purchase a surplus one as well.  There are some options that could include how much armor, type of engine and bullet holes, but you can look to pay between $8,000 and $40,000 for one.

3) OT-64-Skot


Here is a vehicle from the 60’s that could clearly be useful to you.  It is a Russian personnel carrier that was built in the former Czechoslovakia.  Luckily since they had so many laying around they are selling them off for cheap now.  A mere $15,000 and it is yours!  Of course they have been sitting out in the rain and might need some work, and new $600 tires.  Still, no one else in the carpool lane will have one.

4) Tucker Snocat

Tucker Snocat

Do you live where there is a bit of snow?  This is the vehicle for you.  It is a tracked vehicle that was made to take on the worst conditions out there and laugh.  It is the top pick for those one expeditions to the Antarctic.  Plus it can make it over eight foot wide cracks and holes, pot holes are a worry of the past.  And it is available for a mere $15,000.

5) Paramount Marauder

 Paramount Marauder

This one come from South Africa and tips the scales at about ten tons.  Of course that gets you protection from light arms fire as well as an anti-tank mine now and then, you know, for those tough commutes.  While it will cost you a pretty penny, about $485,000 you will find it has a down side, it isn’t really set up to pull up to a fast food drive through.

6) Go-Ped Knight rider

Go-Ped Knight rider

Yes, it looks like a child’s scooter.  Yes, it is a combat scooter.  This one was designed for those spec ops guys that are limited as to what they can carry behind the lines.  It has an electric motor that can cover 25 miles and hit a short burst turbo mode top speed of 19 mph.  It goes for about $5000.

7) F16 Fighting Falcon

 F16 Fighting Falcon

Yes, you can own a jet fighter.  Granted they will most likely be taking the gun out and not selling you any missiles to go with it.  Also you may have trouble finding places to fly it.  The government of the US will let you buy one but you can fly it over US soil.  It looks like there are some places that you fly it over Canada and in Europe though.  The other problem is that you’ll most likely get an older model and there are some problems finding new parts if something broke.

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