5 Things about Minecraft Parents Need to Know


In this modern age, it’s not odd to have kids that are on the computer quite a bit.  It’s no longer just get on and write up a school paper.  With social media and games and all, there can be a lot going on on your child’s computer.  But that means you need to know what all of these new things are.  For example when your child is playing a game called Minecraft and it just looks to you like an old game with poor graphics you’ll need a bit of info on it.  So I’ve compiled a list of 5 things you should know about the game.

1. There are 3 different versions of Minecraft.  The basic is available on the computer and on the Xbox 360.  This is an open world game that plops your child down and forces them to figure out how to gather resources, build shelters and tools and use them to explore and defeat monsters such as zombies or spiders.  The pocket edition takes Minecraft onto the phone.  Finally, there is a story mode that is available on a number of video game consoles.  This one has more of a storyline instead of letting you just explore.

minecraft video game adorable creepers

2. They can play solely in a world on their computer or can connect to shared servers.  If they are just on their computer no one else can get in and they have a whole world to themselves.  However going out onto a server can be good or bad.  It allows them to interact with others and see what other people are building, but since it opens them to others you aren’t sure of who your kids are talking or playing with.


3. It can inspire creativity.  There are a number of “recipes” to put things together to make tools or weapons and these can be looked up online, but you can also use the resources you gather to create most anything you can imagine.  Some people have referred to the game as digital lego building.

minecraft and children

4) You need to beware of Mods.  Mods are added data that is downloaded and installed to change aspects of the game.  Some of these mods can help your child to find items or craft things.  Other mods, however, can expose your gamer to mature content, be unstable with other mods or even contain a virus.  Be sure to use caution when downloading and installing mods for the game.

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5. It can be pretty tough.  There are no instructions, each world is randomly generated so there is no way to look up just go here to get this.  Your player can get swarmed by monsters even when you first start.  Be sure that you let your child know it’s ok to take a break if they get frustrated.

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