5 Of The Greatest Minds Of Our Time


When we think of great minds most people’s thoughts turn to those thinkers of old. Plato, Newton and Confucius come to mind.  A bit closer to our modern time you could think of Einstein, but surely there has to be some great minds that are still alive today.  I’ve gone through and considered it and did some searching to compile this list.  I’ve opted to stick to only people that are still alive as of this writing, so as much of an impact as someone like Steve Jobs might have had a major impact on our time, we’ll be leaving him off our list. These are presented in no particular order.

Noam Chomsky – Born all the way back in 1928, he is considered by many the father of Noam Chomskymodern linguistics.  He in his backyard has helped to build a new framework for the study of language, developing the theory of universal grammar.  This theory says that there are certain aspects of language that are common to all human languages even if they haven’t come in contact with speakers of other languages.  However, he also has become known in a wide range of fields.  He has become known in the field of political criticism, to the point that he ended up on Richard Nixon’s enemies list.

Jacque Fresco – Perhaps you haven’t heard of him.  He is the team leader of the Venus Jacque Frescoproject.  If you aren’t familiar with it the Venus project is a good that is support a new type of economy.  Instead of capitalism or communism or any other economy, think Star Trek.  This is a resource based economy.  His goal is to blend sustainable energy with technological advancements in hopes to free mankind from menial jobs.  The way he sees it you then no longer have to worry about paying for the necessities since they are made for free by machine.  This would leave humans free to follow their passions.  And the thing is he has some fairly big name figures who think his plan would work, such as Larry King.

Seth Godin – Seth is a marketer, to be more specific, he is an internet marketer.  He runs aSeth Godin blog and comes up with tons of ideas every day.  He has a background in taking a small startup into a company and he is using this business insight to provide information, for both the at home blogger starting out and the massive corporate marketers.  And it isn’t just blog posts, so far he has written 10 books and probably has a number more to come out in the coming years.

Elon Musk – Elon has been setting out to change the way that a number of industries do
business.  He had success with a number of web based ventures then took his money to other endeavors.  He started Tesla motors, which has been working to not only change people’s minds on how they view electric cars, but is also getting people to think about changing their minds on the very thought of how one buys a car.  Additionally, he has started SpaceX and has set out to change the space industry.  His company has become the first private contractor in the country to be allowed to launch supplies to the International Space Station.Elon Musk


Stephen Hawking – This is one that most everyone has heard of.  He is an astrophysicist but has managed to become a household name.  He is most well known for his theories on black holes and their radiation as well as for his book “A Brief History of Time”.  He has continued to study and bring forth scientific discoveries.

Stephen Hawking


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