10 superhero pets

10 superhero pets

10 superhero pets

Pets are creatures that add meaning to the lives of their owners.  We are going to survey the different ways these great pets influence the lives of their owners and the specific roles they played that depicts greatness and nobility. Some of these superheroes are bizarre and uncanny; others are loaded with jokes and fun.

You will find a list of the duos, which are Wonder woman and Jumpa, falcon and falcon, Thor and Throg, Batman and Ace, Spider man and Ms. Lion, Superman and Krypto, Kitty’s pride and Lockheed, Ka-zar and Zabu, Aquaman and Storm, Black bolt and Lockjaw.

  1. Wonder woman’s pet Kanga: Jumpa

Wonder woman’s pet Kanga: Jumpa

How will you feel if your ship crashed onto an island where you will see weird girls riding on kangaroos like horses? You will see these Amazons riding on the giant strange kangaroos known as kangas in Wonder Woman’s island. These kangas worked for the amazons the way horses did for the colonials in different forms of entertainment and sports.


  1. The Falcon’s falcon: Redwing

2.	The falcon’s falcon: Redwing


The infinity gem is the telepathic bond between the Falcon and the Red Skull. They are able to see through each other’s eyes, the Falcon can give him a command even in English language, and he will understand.



  1. Thor’s pet frog: Throg

Thor’s pet frog: Throg

Thor is lucky to have a man-frog as an animal assistant. This man was seeking for a way of contacting his dead wife in the spirit world. However, he met with a traveller who could do the job for him and pleaded with her to help him contact his dead wife. When the traveller realized he could not pay his fees; she turned him into a frog. Therefore, the frog that was renamed throg became her personal pet and animal assistant.




  1. Batman’s pet dog: Ace

Batman’s pet dog: Ace


Ace is the crime fighting partner and associate of Batman and Robin. A man that was kidnapped by criminals originally owned the dog and Batman was searching for him. After the man was rescued, he later got a job that made it difficult for him to keep Ace. Bruce Wayne is the original name for the Batman, who took charge of Ace in the absence of his original master.



  1. Spider-Man’s Pet Dog: Ms. Lion

Spider-Man’s Pet Dog: Ms. Lion




Peter Parker’s dog Ms. Lion is the family pet of Aunt May and he lived with her for some time. He became one of the forerunners of the Pet Avengers.




  1. Superman’s Pet Dog: Krypto

5.	Spider-Man’s Pet Dog: Ms. Lion

Krypto is regarded as the ‘dog of steel’. During the space race, Superman’s father sent Krypto to come and test the Earth before he send his son. However, his rocket finally knocked off on its way to the Earth.


  1. Kitty Pryde’s Dragon: Lockheed

Kitty Pryde’s Dragon: Lockheed

There is a purple alien dragon named Lockheed that Kitty discovered in one of her journeys. Lockheed resembled a fairytale Kitty Pryde had told and she named it after the character in the tale. The jet used by X-Men to travel into space is also called Lockheed. This British superhero is a prime member of team ‘Excalibur’.




  1. Ka-Zar’s Sabertooth Tiger: Zabu

8.	Ka-Zar’s Sabertooth Tiger: Zabu


In the savage land of Antarctica, Ka-Zar’s father died where he was collecting creatures that did not originate genetically in an area preserved by alien technology. Therefore, Zabu, a sabertooth tiger fostered Ka-Zar like one of its own cubs.





  1. Aquaman’s Pet Seahorse: Storm

9.	Aquaman’s Pet Seahorse: Storm


He lives in the underwater continent of Atlantis, where he has a telepathic affinity
and relationship with Storm and engaged him as his personal mount. Imp is the name of the younger and more comical seahorse rode by Aqualad.



  1. Black Bolt’s Pet: Lockjaw

Black Bolt’s Pet: Lockjaw

Lockjaw is the inhuman specie that teleports the royal family on royal affairs. The inhuman pet leads the Pet Avengers. Lockjaw has the powers to teleport from the earth to the moon.


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