10 Interesting Facts about “Beauty and the Beast”


If you consider yourself as a fan of Disney, you must have watched the Beauty and the Beast animation at least 30 times. This iconic love story from 1991 teaches children that you should not judge a book only by its cover. In honor of the 25th anniversary of the cartoon, I will present you 10 fun facts about it that will make you even a bigger fan of the production.

  1. Mickey Mouse has a cameo role in the film

“The classic Mickey” is a geometric shape composed of three rounds, strongly resembling the silhouette of Mickey. It is hidden in other animated films too. If you watch carefully the scene where Beast introduces the library to Belle, you will see it.


  1. Beauty and the Beast is the first animation, nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars

Despite losing the award in favor of “Silence of the Lambs” won in the categories of Best Original Song and Best Film Music.

  1. Walt Disney attempted to shoot this classic story back in the 30s of last century, and then later in the ’50s. But gave up his desire. According to the writers, it was difficult to adapt.


4. Beast is a composite image of several animals

Animator Glen Kane wanted the image of the Beast to be based on something real. Thus emerged the idea of apes and their expressed forehead, the bull gives the overall look of the head and the idea for the mane is borrowed from a lion.


  1. The producers did not plan Cogsworth to be so kind

Do you remember the moment when the Beast asks Cogsworth how could delight Bell and he replied: “There are a few simple things – flowers, chocolate …”? It turns out that this replica was not part of the script and pure improvisation of the actor who voiced the character. But the producers liked it and saved it.

  1. 600 animators have finessed to perfect each line

The team spent four years in drawing and painting at a time when computers were not fully entered into animated films.

  1. Bell is the oldest Disney princess

She is represented in her 20s while the other lovely Disney ladies are all teenage girls.


  1. Mrs. Potts had to be called Mrs. Chamomile

To enable children to pronounce her name easier, the team focuses on behalf of Mrs. Potts. The same happens with Lumiere, who should have been called Chandy (from chandelier).


  1. Bell is considered as a “girl of the 90s”

Screenwriter Linda Woolverton says: “I do not criticize Snow White, Cinderella … they embody the values of their time. I did not want to write about the past. I wanted a woman of 90s who wishes to do something with her life, rather than wait for the prince to come “.

  1. Angela Lansbury (Mrs. Potts) recorded the title song from the soundtrack in no time

Only one attempt was what Angela needed to perform the song so beautifully.

Image source: Disney Instagram


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