10 Halloween cosplay ideas 2016

halloween 2016

Halloween is coming as every year on the 31st of October, and many participants around the world will be engaged with this event.

Fun, tricks, and excitement are the spirits of every Halloween day, people follow many traditions on this day, as they attend parties, they go to festivals, or they at least decorate their houses to express the spirit of Halloween.

Customs and figures are true signs of representing Halloween`s spirit, people wear cosplays of their favorite characters, and they go dressed upon parties, or participate in street shows / walks.

They make exciting videos and take photos of themselves while wearing those cosplays, to keep it as an awesome memory!

We like Halloween, and on this article, we are going to show you 10 awesome cosplay ideas for this year`s Halloween.

Every year has got its trends in cosplay, trends usually based on the most famous characters that appeared in movies in the same year, let us take a closer look at what is trendy this year.

  • Deadpool:

Let us just define him as a “different Superhero type”! The movie’s great success has resulted in making many people declaring Deadpool as their favorite character.

deadpool cosplay

  • Superman / Batman:

We all have seen the competition between the two characters, in addition to the first appearance of Wonder Woman, and how the movie was ended, there was a viral content all over the internet and other media types, made by the two characters` fans, about who is better.

Very realistic Superman and Batman Cosplayers
Very realistic Superman and Batman Cosplayers
  • Harley Quinn / the Joker:

Because of the Suicide Squad movie, the cosplays of these two characters are extremely popular this year!

Harley Quinn / the Joker

  • Warcraft:

The Warcraft movie did not achieve the expected success due to many factors, but the game itself, especially the World of Warcraft series, always has it share on the cosplays market.

word of warcraft

  • Zootopia:

The two main characters in the movie attracted many people to make suitable cosplays, as you can see from the picture, it can be done easily.

zootopia cosplay

  • Doctor Strange:

The upcoming movie for Doctor Strange will be in theaters soon, and the number of fans is increasing, so it is a good idea to wear such a custom on this year Halloween!

doctor strange cosplay

  • Star Wars:

The series returned again to the cinemas, and there will be an upcoming independent movie by the end of the year, so it is time to unleash the force on Halloween’s day!

star wars cosplay

  • Assassin’s Creed:

Game fans already know what to do this Halloween, especially when the long-awaited movie will be released this year.

assassin's creed

  • Star Trek:

The latest Star Trek movie was received well this year, and all Star Trek’s fans should gather up to wear their cosplays.

star trek

  • Ghostbusters:

Let us admit it, the latest movie was not that bad. It is a good year for some awesome Ghostbusters cosplays!

ghostbusters cosplay