10 Disney Princesses Visualized as Modern Girls

modern Merida

Every little girl has a favorite Disney Princess and dreams to be one. Have you ever thought what if these characters really existed? How they would have look like? It seems that one pretty girl had thought a lot about it. What she did is visualization of her ideas. It looks like the Disney’s slogan is true:  „If you can dream it, you can make it”.

Anoosha Syed is a Canadian character designer and visual development illustrator. The artist is inspired by mid-century design and animation. She is only 22, but already has created some fabulous art. We, at Nerdy Today, admire her work. You Go, Girl!

Here are the princesses and their brand new lives:

Pocahontas – the linguist student

the Modern Pocahontas

She is a girl with love of languages, working part-time as a translator and an adrenaline junkie. Her dream is to work in the film industry as a movie adviser. In her free time you can see her go for a cliff diving or mountain hiking.

Meet Snow White a.k.a  @poison_apple7

modern Snow White

According to the number of her follower counts, she is the fairest of them all. This brings her in a big online drama with the @therealevilqueen. Snow is known as fashion blogger and is never seen without her iPhone. She loves the nature and old movies.

Merida the punk rocker

modern Merida

She has an archery scholarship and goes horseback riding every week. As a real rebel, she is a punk-rock fan.  It looks like Mor’du is her favorite band.

Mulan the Total Bad-ass

modern Mulan

Mulan hopes to follow her father’s footsteps in the military school. The big problem is that no girls are allowed there.  Mushu (her gym trainer) helped her to enroll disguised as a boy.  With Being an excellent cadet, she succeeded to open the school’s doors for women next year.



modern Arie

Destined to be a marine biologist as her father, Ariel even joined her school’s swim team. Her passion, however, was studying different cultures and humans in general. This is why she changed her major and signed for an anthropology trip.

Jane Porter

modern jane

With a scientific illustration degree, Jane has an incredible opportunity in front of her. Her father wants her help in his research of African gorillas in the Congo rainforest. Despite the fact it could be reckless and face-to-face with dangerous beasts, she couldn’t wait the adventure to start.

Belle the fan girl

the modern Belle

Bell is a bookworm as we know her from the story. She is also obsessed with TV shows and movies. She is constantly looking for new people to follow on her tumblr account.

Jasmine the Travel Blogger

modern Jasmine

Jasmine is a travel blogger. She is also a devoted animal rights activist, she has five cats and studies for a veterinarian. She loves going to new places and exploring different cultures.

Tiana the Young Entrepreneur

modern Tiana

One of the youngest restaurant owners in the world, she is on the “top 25 most successful people under 25” list.

Esmeralda the Ballet Dancer

modern Esmeralda

Esmeralda arrived in France as a child refugee. She loves Paris and her favorite place is the beautiful Notre Dame.

You can find more of this art at the Anoosha’s  Instagram page.